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Job Date 15th November 2016.

A call came through to the booking centre at Female Choice Plumbing Craigieburn as they needed a plumber. The customer living on Craigburn Road, Craigieburn required a plumber as they had a blocked sewer drain. The customer advised the booking centre staff member that they had a blocked toilet. The customer requested the plumber attend between the hours of 3pm and 6pm.

The plumber arrived onsite and inspected the plumbing issue. The plumber put the jet down the drain from the toilet inspection opening. The jet is also known as the hydro jet. The hydro jet is a high water pressured machine that blasts through blockages. The plumber then put the camera down the drain. He found 2 major issues with the drain in different locations. He found 11 metres downstream, drains were broken and tree roots were entering the drains and required to be repaired. The 2nd issue was the boundary trap branch take off required to be repaired holing water in this section pipe has dropped.

On completion of the work the customer paid for the plumber with cash. They also had the option to pay with Eftpos via the mobile Eftpos machine fitted to the plumbing van or with cheque.

Job Date 18th November 2016.

The month leading up to Christmas can be just as busy as Christmas day.  On Friday the 18th of November in 2016, Female Choice Plumbing had a full day of customer call outs for plumbing enquiries.  One customer located in Craigieburn, Victoria called through in hopes of organising for a plumber to attend due to her toilet leaking from the base of the toilet which progressively gets worse when flushed.  We obviously know how expensive water bills can be these days, so we obviously wanted to get this issue sorted as quickly as possible.

Female Choice Plumbing Craigieburn arrived onsite in between the allocated timeframe and inspected the toilet immediately.  When identifying that the leak was coming from the toilet pan, our plumber removed the toilet and found that the pan rubber was in desperate need for a replacement.  Fortunately for our customer, our plumber attended with vans which were completely stocked with standard plumbing materials, meaning he was able to provide our customer with a same day solution to their plumbing problem.  Once the toilet pan rubber was replaced, our plumber installed the toilet once again, ran a few tests and found the toilet to be running sound with no leaks whatsoever.

On completion of the work, our customer was offered the option of paying via cash, cheque or credit.  Our plumber took advantage of our installed mobile eftpos machine in the van, which all of our vans carry with them to make the experience that much more convenient.