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Plumber Beveridge 3753 VIC


Job date: Monday 29th May 2017

The Female Choice plumbing Beveridge customer contact centre received a call at 11:53 am on Monday the 29th of May from a local customer that was getting some appliances delivered later in the week that were needing to be installed by a plumber. As the new appliances were being delivered late Thursday afternoon the booking centre team member suggested we get a plumber out the following morning so they could enjoy the new appliances for the weekend. The customer agreed that this would be fantastic and the job was scheduled for the plumber to attend between 10 am and 1 pm on Friday June 2nd.

When the plumber arrived at the Mandalay Circuit property in Beveridge he was met by the customer who advised the plumber that she had a dishwasher and fridge that needed to be installed and showed him the places where she wished for them to be placed. The plumber started the work immediately. The dishwasher was connected to an existing water and waste point and the fridge was plumbed to an existing water point.  The plumber tested both appliance once the installation was complete to ensure neither were leaking J Rowe Plumbing.