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Plumber Ballajura WA 6066


Job Date: 29th November 2016

A call came through hot the booking centre of Female Choice Plumbing Ballajura on the 29th of November. The call was from a customer. The customer living on Jabiru Rise, Ballajura, called through as they needed a plumber. The customer required a plumber as they had gas maintenance work needing to be done. The customer advised the booking centre staff member that the gas pipes and gas regulator was stopping and needed to be moved. The parts needed to be moved so the customer’s new oven could be installed. The customer requested the plumber attend the following day between the hours of 8am and 11am.

The plumber arrived onsite and inspected the plumbing issue. He re-run the gas line to meet standards and installed the new and  buy ac repair scottsdale .

On completion of the work the customer paid the plumber with Eftpos. The customer did this via the mobile Eftpos machine fitted to the plumbing van the plumber arrived in. the customer also had the option to pay the plumber via cash or cheque. We are all about convenience for the customer. Even when it comes to payment methods on completion of the work.