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Vulcan Hot Water Supplied and Installed with Female Choice Plumbers

Whether you are looking for a small capacity hot water service for apartment or office, or a large storage hot water unit for a family home, Vulcan hot water services are a fantastic choice.

Vulcan is one of Australia’s most trusted hot water service suppliers and has built a strong reputation based on the quality of their products. Vulcan hot water services are designed to be durable and adaptable, and they are simple to install and made to last.

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What are the Benefits of a Vulcan Hot Water System?

  • Built to last out of high quality materials
  • Affordability by comparison to its competitors
  • A large range to suit any home
  • Warranties
  • Vulcan troubleshooting services

Gas and Electric Hot Water Storage Units

The Vulcan Freeloader is one of Vulcan’s most popular hot water services and is ideal for medium sized homes. The Freeloader is a 4 star gas storage hot water system that can be ordered in either a 135 litre or a 170 litre tank size depending on your hot water requirements. This hot water system is manufactured in both natural gas and propane models so that you don’t need to change your home’s existing gas supply for installation. Like all Vulcan hot water systems, the Freeloader is built with an enamel steel lined tank for added strength and durability.

Vulcan also produces a range of top quality electric storage hot water units. Vulcan electric storage systems can be ordered in sizes as small as 50 litres up to sizes as large as 400 litres. This way there’s a hot water unit available to suit just about any home or office! Certain Vulcan electric hot water services also come equipped with booster heating systems to ensure fast hot water recovery when tank reserves have been depleted.

Vulcan Warranties

As part of Vulcan’s after sales service, all hot water units come with a comprehensive warranty. In fact, all Vulcan cylinders are covered under warranty for 5 years from purchase and are also covered by an additional 12 month parts and labour warranty. This way you can rest easy knowing that you are covered should something go wrong. Another advantage of choosing a Vulcan hot water system is that replacement parts and fittings are easily sourced and installed by most plumbers. All Vulcan hot water systems are designed for ease of installation and can be compatible with mains water pressure.

If you would like to install a Vulcan storage hot water system in your home, Female Choice Plumbing can assist you. We have years of experience repairing and replacing Vulcan hot water units and can recommend the right system for your home. Call us today on 1300 921 421 to arrange your onsite quotation and we can often have your new hot water service installed and running on the same day!

Some of the Other Benefits our Customers Love with Female Choice Plumbing:

  • Fully equipped, clearly marked vans with our company name and logo
  • Professionally dressed plumbers who are always polite and qualified
  • New promotions through our website so our customers are getting the best value for money
  • All our recommendations, advice and thoughts are put together by a diversity of women
  • Warranty and Insurance
  • Intension to complete the job on the same day
  • Customer service and customer satisfaction – all our plumbers have completed our personalised customer service training
  • Value for money
  • Safety; our plumbers undergo renewed and full police checks to ensure the safety of all our customers
  • Same day attendance – anytime, any day
  • A range of different payment options available
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If you require a new hot water service but require a flexible payment option, call Female Choice Plumbing to enquire about our interest free repayment plans available through Certegy. This way you’ll only need to pay a small deposit on the day and can pay off most of the costs through monthly instalments.

Female Choice Plumbing is available for call outs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. No matter what time of the day or night you require assistance we can have a plumber to you in no time. We carry a large selection of replacement parts, tools and fittings to complete 95% of jobs with the first appointment and endeavour to provide a prompt same day service on all jobs. If you have a general maintenance or emergency plumbing problem than needs attention call Female Choice Plumbing for great workmanship and customer service.