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Make Female Choice Plumbing your Storage Hot Water Servicemen

Storage hot water systems are the most common hot water systems that people have and are one of the oldest systems by comparison to the water heating systems that exist now. They are notable by their design as they use a tank to store heated water for use instantaneously. Depending on the number of residents in a property determines the size of the tank as the more people that use the hot water the more pre-heated water they need. Storage hot water systems also come in gas, electricity or solar powered units.

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Does Female Choice Plumbing Service Storage Hot Water Heaters?

Of course! Female Choice Plumbing can service all hot water heaters, and because storage hot water heaters are the oldest and most common system that people have our plumbers are experienced in this kind of work whether it be an emergency or general maintenance.

We only employ experienced servicemen who are registered and qualified gas fitters and plumbers, so when you book in a time for us to attend your plumbing query you can rest assured knowing you will be getting a high quality service.

What Else do I get with a Female Choice Plumber?

  • Our plumbers can complete 95% of all jobs straight away with the materials stored in their trucks
  • They will always explain the issue to you in the simplest way possible and help you to prevent a second occurrence of the same plumbing or gas issues
  • Our plumbers are experiences in a large range of hot water heaters; whether it be gas, electricity or solar they can help
  • All our recommendations, advice and thoughts are put together by a diversity of women
  • Customer service and customer satisfaction – all our plumbers have completed our personalised customer service training
  • Safety; our plumbers undergo renewed and full police checks to ensure the safety of all our customers
  • New promotions through our website so our customers are getting the best value for money
  • Same day services available

Can You Install Hot Water Units?

We supply, install AND repair all storage hot water units so that we can offer the best solution and service to our customers. We are able to replace individual parts, fix connections to and from the unit, stop leaks, service the unit and replace or install brand new hot water units. All our work is subject to site inspection though, so just give us a call on 1300 921 421 and speak to our friendly customer contact team to find a time that is best for you! Or if you have any other queries Female Choice Plumbing will be happy to help.

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Why has my Storage Hot Water System Stopped Working?

There could be numerous reasons that your storage hot water system may have stopped working, and most of the time our plumbers and gas fitters needs to attend the booking to ascertain the issue. But here are some reasons you may need a plumber out from Female Choice Plumbing:

  • Expired Warranty; you may need a plumber because your warranty has expired. You should maintain a functioning system so you do not end up needing a replacement unit
  • Age; all products degrade over time and this may cause issues with your unit
  • Water Quality; water from a hot water storage tank may pick up bits of rust and scale that build up within the tank
  • No Hot Water; you may be experiencing a gas, electrical or solar issue that is not heating up the water. This is a technical fault and the attending plumber or gas fitter will need to the specific issue causing this
  • Physical Damage; extreme weather or temperature can affect your hot water unit in such a way that may cause an internal fault or leakage and can be an urgent issue.

Female Choice Plumbing is a top tier, female owned and operated plumbing and gas fitting company in Adelaide that is open 24 hours, 7 days per week.

Our company has been designed for our female client base who want a better service from their local tradesmen that makes them feel safer and confident that any plumbing or gas troubles they are experiencing have been taken care of and completed to the highest standard. But Female Choice Plumbing is not just for females; we encourage anyone who wants a safe and reliable service to call into our friendly contact centre on 1300 921 421 and make a booking with us today.