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Rinnai Hot Water Systems with Female Choice Plumbing

Is it time that you replaced your existing hot water system?

Are you looking for a hot water unit that is reliable, energy efficient and built to last?

Rinnai has been producing top quality hot water systems for many years and offers a wide range of units to suit almost any home or office. Whether you are looking for a continuous flow system, a storage unit or even a solar hot water system, look no further than a Rinnai installation with Female Choice Plumbing!

Are you experiencing issues with your Rinnai Hot Water Heater?

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What are the Key Benefits of a Rinnai?

  • Produce some of the most popular hot water units on the market
  • A veritable range of units from solar, to electric to gas
  • Produces storage systems and continuous flow systems
  • Energy efficiency
  • Modern; many of the Rinnai systems can be fitted with temperature controllers so that you can customise your hot water temperature or save different setting for different family members
  • Warranties

Solar Hot Water Systems

Rinnai’s range of solar hot water systems have been designed for the Australian environment and combine modern solar powered technology to deliver a reliable and high quality product. The Rinnai Prestige and Sunmaster range of solar hot water systems have exceptional heating capacity and are available in range of roof and ground based models to suit any household. Changing to a Rinnai solar hot water system can reduce your hot water running costs by up 66% and will also reduce your home’s carbon footprint significantly. These solar hot water systems can also come equipped with an electric or gas booster system to ensure you have a consistent supply of hot water; even on cloudy or overcast days.

Storage Hot Water Systems

If you’re thinking about installing a storage hot water system in your home then look no further than the gas and electric models within Rinnai’s range. These exceptional storage hot water systems are built using top quality materials and parts and are backed by Rinnai’s sound warranty policy. Whether you are looking for a small storage unit to fit into an office or apartment or a large family-sized system, Rinnai has got your covered! The Rinnai electric storage tanks are available in sizes as small as a 25 litre tank capacity and as large as a 400 litre sized tank.

Can we Supply Heat Pumps?

YES! Rinnai also produces a range of quality and highly energy efficient heat pumps that are a perfect alternative to installing a solar hot water system. The Rinnai split heat pump and the Rinnai integrated heat pump use approximately 33% less energy than a standard electric storage hot water system and are compatible in a range of environments.

General & Emergency Plumbing
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Female Choice Plumbing proudly supplies and installs all Rinnai hot water services and heat pumps and also conducts general maintenance and repairs on all units. If you have any enquiries about our services call us on 1300 921 421.

Our experienced plumbers who are registered and qualified can provide you with an onsite quotation to supply and install a suitable Rinnai unit in your home and can generally offer a same day installation service. How handy is that!

Flexible payment options are also available through Female Choice Plumbing, just enquire about our interest free payment options available through Certegy. You can be approved for a payment plan in a few short minutes so that you may have your new hot water system paid for through stress free instalments.

Female Choice Plumbing can assist you with all of your hot water emergencies and general maintenance plumbing work, and we are available for call outs 24/7 day or night. We pride ourselves on the top quality workmanship we deliver, so let us give you the best service we can.