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Female Choice Plumbing: Electric Hot Water Systems Customised to You!

Electric hot water systems are one of our most common hot water systems that we service, and as such our plumbers have extensive experience in the repair, replacement and servicing of these systems.

An electric hot water system can be a unit on the outside or inside of a property as a storage unit that heats a certain amount of water to be used at once, an instantaneous hot water box that heats up water as needed, or a system that works in conjunction with a solar hot water unit to provide a boosted hot water service. It can be tricky ascertaining the issue with these systems, that’s why our customers call Female Choice Plumbing on 1300 921 421 to get a professional plumber to service their units!

Are you experiencing issues with your Electric Hot Water Heater?

24/7 Same Day Hot Water Repairs, Replace or New Installation Service.

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All of our plumbers are experienced in their trade, and have registered themselves as qualified plumbers and gas fitters so that they can offer the best service possible.

Qualities of a Female Choice Plumber:

  • Safe; our plumbers undergo renewed and full police checks to ensure the safety of all our customers
  • Female Choice Plumbers are hand-picked by the company’s female owners who have the integrity of their customers in mind, both for women and for anyone who requires a more secure service
  • All our recommendations, advice and thoughts from our plumber are put together by a diversity of women and backed by our qualified plumbers
  • Customer service and customer satisfaction – all our plumbers have completed our personalised customer service training
  • Can complete 95% of all jobs straight away with the materials stored in their trucks.

If you need a plumber as soon as possible and need the job fixed quickly, make sure you call Female Choice Plumbing on 1300 921 421 day or night, 24 hours 7 days per week. Female Choice Plumbing will make it to you as soon as possible.

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What Can Go Wrong with my Electric Hot Water System?

  • Heating elements can become faulty due to a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse
  • Any internal workings can succumb to the debilitating effects of age
  • External damage that effects the internal workings due to physical trauma or exposure to the weather
  • Sediment build up in hot water storage units can cause faults
  • Leakages, strange sounds and bad smells

+++ And more!

Supply and Installing a New Electric Hot Water System

When purchasing a new hot water system or replacing an old one you want to make the best choice for yourself and your household, and that is not always the easiest thing to do. There are many factors that play a role in determining which system is the most suitable. That why customer get our Female Choice plumbers to attend; they know exactly what determines the best unit for you and your household. Much of the plumber’s work that they do will also come under the company’s warranty and insurance. So call Female Choice Plumbing today on 1300 921 421 and ask us what we can do for YOU!