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Female Choice Plumbing are Qualified and Experienced for Carbon Monoxide Testing!

Keeping you and your household safe should always be your number one priority. That’s why you should have Carbon Monoxide testing done regularly for you gas appliances. Created as a by-product of faulty gas appliances, Carbon Monoxide is extremely dangerous and could put anyone exposed to at serious risk. Incorrectly ventilated appliances can cause a build-up of the gas. It has no smell or physical appearance, making it so hard to detect that it has become a seriously silent killer.

Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning are like that of the flu, including a dull headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting. Many Australians have been emitted to hospital in recent years because of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. If you have any older gas appliances within your home that have not been serviced or repaired in a long time, you should aim to have them checked for signs of Carbon Monoxide emissions every two years. If you think you may need to have your appliances checked, please call Female Choice Plumbing on 1300 921 421 or book a plumber online.

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Our plumbers are equipped with the latest equipment when it comes to Carbon Monoxide testing. We can identify system faults that can otherwise put you in danger. If you’ve never had your gas appliances serviced, it is imperative that you get it done soon. Female Choice’s fully trained plumbers are here to help, and with 24/7 availability we can be at your door within an hour*.

Female Choice Plumbing also offers customers a variety of $0 deposit interest free payment plans**. These can take the stress out of paying off your costs. Plans can be approved in minutes, just ask your plumber on site. We can have your gas appliances tested and serviced that day with no worries. If you’re in urgent need of a Carbon monoxide test or have some questions, contact us on 1300 921 421 or use the online form.