Toilet and Cistern, Install Toilet and Cistern, Repair Leaking Toilets

If there’s one thing in your home or business you definitely don’t want to malfunction, it’s the Toilet and Cistern. Going to flush your toilet only to find it’s not working, or having a constant leak from the cistern into the bowl, can be extremely unpleasant and frustrating.

Has this happened to you? The solution is a simple one call Female Choice plumbing. We are your local plumbing experts, for anything and everything to do with a malfunctioning toilet suite. We have fully qualified, licensed plumbing experts available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including all public holidays and weekends, who can be at your property within just an hour of making a booking. It doesn’t matter what the problem with your Toilet and Cistern seems to be, one of our plumbers will be able to provide you with the solution for even the toughest of toilet suite issues.

We also ensure that every one of our Female Choice Plumbing toilet suite experts has the tools and even the parts to carry out any work that needs to be done straight away. Our vans have a huge range of spare parts in stock at all times, meaning everything your attending toilet plumbing professional needs is onsite straight away, saving you time and money. What are you waiting for? Contact us now! You can Call: 1300 921 421, or fill out our Simple Online Form.

Toilet and Cistern

Installation of Toilet and/or cistern

Whether your toilet/cistern is broken or you’re just looking for an upgrade to a more modern model, we do it all. If you’ve already purchased a new toilet suite, contact the toilet suite experts here at Female Choice Plumbing and we’ll be able to have somebody around to your property who can install it in no time at all.

Need your toilet and cistern replaced, but haven’t bought a new one yet? Don’t worry! You can look through our website at all the toilet suites we have access to, then tell our operator of your choice when you make your booking. Otherwise, you can discuss your options with your attending Female Choice Plumbing toilet professional, who will then be able to retrieve and install your desired toilet suite quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Repair of a Toilet and/or cistern

  • Leaking cistern?
  • Flush not working?
  • Consistently running toilet?
  • Gurgling?
  • Blocked?

You need to contact Female Choice Plumbing! We do work on toilets and cisterns on almost a daily basis and have come across a wide range of brands and models!  One of our toilet experts will be able to assess the situation, then repair and replace parts as required.

Note that if you have a single flush toilet suite, we won’t be able to repair it since these aren’t made anymore and getting parts is almost impossible. They’re also very uneconomical. For these reasons, the only option here will be a full toilet replacement, which we can most certainly do for you!

“Why isn’t my toilet/cistern working properly?” 

There could be a few reasons why your current toilet suite isn’t working properly, most of which involve parts that inevitably wear away over time. Here at Female Choice Plumbing, we make sure that every one of our toilet and cistern repair professionals has the expertise, experience and equipment to be able to repair any problem you have with your toilet suite, including a leaking toilet and a toilet that won’t flush. No matter what type, brand and model of toilet suite you’ve got, we’ll be able to accurately diagnose the problem, then perform the repairs and replacements that will give the very best result possible.

So what are you waiting for? Call Female Choice Plumbing now! On 1300 921 421