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Female Choice Plumbing have assisted the residents of Perth, Western Australia with a range of plumbing maintenance and emergency tasks over the years. Residents of Perth understand that when it comes to plumbing, sometimes prevention is better than cure. So Female Choice are often called out to service hot water systems and toilet cisterns on a regular basis. However, it is not just maintenance works that the residents of Perth require and from time to time, we are called upon to assist one of our loyal customers embroiled in a genuine plumbing emergency!

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One such emergency that crops up on a regular basis in Perth is a blocked sewerage drain. Whilst this does not sound life threatening or particularly troubling on first consideration, once one takes into account the disgusting and unhygienic nature of an faecal overflow it is apparent that a blocked sewer must be dealt with immediately. Fortunately we employ only highly trained plumbers who have years of experience unblocking drains both manually and using drain clearing machinery such as hydrojet and marco machines. The use of these machines, when performed by a competent and trained plumber such as one of our Plumbers in Perth, can ensure that your drain gets unblocked and stays unblocked.

Furthermore, in order to demonstrate the cause of your blockage and the adequacy of the problem’s resolution, our plumber can perform a drain camera inspection of your sewer or stormwater drain upon request. The main benefit to having a definitive answer as to what has caused your blockage is that your Plumber can then make recommendations as to how to prevent a recurrence.

Another emergency job that Female Choice Plumbing often assist our loyal customers in Perth with is a lack of hot water. Perhaps your pilot light has gone out, or maybe your hot water system has exploded. No matter the extent of your hot water system’s woes, a lack of hot water can have you in hot water with your family who wish to take a relaxing shower. Fortunately, Female Choice Plumbing pride themselves on their prompt attendance for hot water matters and can assist with your gas, electric and even solar hot water system. In the unlikely instance that we cannot repair your hot water system, our plumber can also provide you with a quotation to replace the unit. Our plumbers can call on their years of experience within the industry to provide you with personalised advice as to which hot water system will be best suited to your needs and furthermore, can offer great interest free terms to approved applicants.

For all of your plumbing needs in Perth, Female Choice Plumbing is the obvious and only choice. The professionalism of our Plumbers is second to none, with all of our plumbers handpicked for their unique skillset and ability to interact in a positive manner with our customers to ensure that you always feel comfortable welcoming them into your home.

We are on call to Perth 24 hours a day, seven days a week meaning that no matter what time of the night or day disaster strikes, help is only a phone call away on 1300 921 421.

When you need plumbing help in a hurry, during the night, weekend or even a public holiday, Female Choice Plumbing are waiting to take your call and race to your rescue. Our plumbers all drive late model vans which are fully stocked meaning that not only can they arrive promptly at your door, but also can complete 90% of your jobs from site. So what are you waiting for? Contact Female Choice Plumbing Perth today!