Fast, Friendly & Licensed Plumber Brisbane

At Female Choice Plumbing, we’re available all day of every day for all problems you need a plumber for – that’s right, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, even Christmas, Easter and public holidays. In addition, we know how irritating Blocked Drains, Gas Leaks or Broken Gutter can be, so we can have an expert Emergency Plumber Brisbane attend to emergencies within the hour, saving you time, money and stress. So if you need a professional Plumber Brisbane, look no further. Call now, or fill out our simple Online Booking Form.

Plumber Brisbane, Plumbing Brisbane

Plumber Brisbane, Plumbing Brisbane

Live in Brisbane? That’s alright; Female Choice Plumbing has a plumber army there that can help with any problem you might be facing. It doesn’t matter what suburb you live in either, since our service area runs Brisbane city wide, including Bracken Ridge, Petrie, Browns Plains, Ascot, Albany Creek, Cleveland, Springwood, Carindale, Taringa, Moorooka, The Gap and many, many more Brisbane suburbs. Third largest on the list of most populous Australian cities, and amongst one of the most culturally interesting with some of the most important theatres and art galleries, Brisbanites are most certainly in need of a fully qualified, licensed plumber. Whether you have an appliance that needs to be installed or repaired, or you have an emergency that needs fixing straight away, Female Choice Plumber Brisbane is your best bet for a plumber to provide prompt, friendly, expert service.

Well, what services can your Plumber Brisbane offer me?

Every Professional, Licensed, Master Plumber Brisbane at Female Choice Plumbing is extensively trained in every aspect of the Plumber Brisbane trade, and is therefore able to take on any repair, replacement, installation or conversion you could ever need. Brisbane is hot enough without needing to contact a plumber about a problem, so let our expert plumber take that heat away. Every Plumber Brisbane van is stocked to hilt with every tool, technology and most spare parts your attending plumber needs, making his job quicker and your bill smaller.

Specifically, the jobs we do are the following:

Unblocking Blocked Drains in Brisbane

Blocked Drains, Drain CleaningAs Brisbane residents ourselves, the plumber team at Female Choice Plumbing fully understands just how irritating and unpleasant it is having a blocked drain, no matter where it is. That’s why we pride ourselves on having an expert plumber for clearing everybody’s blocked drains; your attending Plumber Brisbane has the very best technologies for tackling any blockage, including hydro jetter drain machines and electric drain cleaning machines, as well as the training and experience to use them to the best effect.

Commonly, a Brisbane blocked drain will be cause by things like hair, soap, grease, excessive toilet paper usage, food scraps and other solids, or tree roots. Every plumber with us has the training to be able to tackle all of these and more, and, if the problem is serious enough, will even be able to excavate and replace your Brisbane piping. So, no matter whether you have a blocked toilet, blocked sink or blocked stormwater drain, and no matter what’s causing it, our Plumber Brisbane will be able to clear it competently and effectively.

Installing Gas Fittings in Brisbane

gas-installation-fittingWith every expert Plumber Brisbane also a Fully Qualified, Licensed Gas Plumber, Female Choice Plumbing is able to have a professional plumber out to your home or business to deal with any problem to do any gas pipes. For gas piping in Brisbane, we’re able to have an expert plumber install your brand new gas appliances, whether they’re gas BBQs, gas hot water heaters, gas stoves, or anything else, and can even repair any faulty gas appliance. Make and model is no barrier for our plumber Brisbane.

If you need any work done with your Brisbane gas pipeline specifically, such as fixing a gas leak or converting a Natural gas or LP Gas appliance, we’re able to have an expert gas plumber do that, too. Your attending Brisbane plumber will have the knowhow and tools to locate your gas leak precisely and then, depending on what’s causing it and how serious it is, repair or replace gas piping as required.

Installing Toilets in Brisbane

Toilet-cisternThere isn’t much that can cause as much nuisance in Brisbane as a faulty toilet. A home or business can be brought to a complete standstill. Female Choice Plumber Brisbane, your local professional plumber, knows this full well, so we’ve made sure every plumber is able to repair or replace any make or model of toilet suite, no matter what the issue is.

From simple problems like a worn out valve, to something more complex like a damaged flushing mechanism, we’ll be able to have an expert plumber fix it quickly and efficiently. If you need a replacement, your attending Brisbane plumber can discuss your options with you; you can either buy a new toilet suite from a store, which your attending plumber will be happy to come back and install for you, or choose one from our own range, which our plumber can get from our Brisbane store and then install straight away.

Repairing Pipe Work in Brisbane

pipe fittingLeaking pipes in Brisbane, whether due to a burst, breakage or connection problem, should be fixed as soon as they happen. Money is wasted paying for extra water usage otherwise, and can cause further damage to other structures in your Brisbane building. A fully qualified, licensed plumber brisbane from here at Female Choice Plumbing has the skills, tools and materials to repair or replace any type of piping, no matter where it is or whether it’s PEX, copper, galvanised or any other type.

Hot Water Heater issues in Brisbane

Hot-Water-HeaterThere isn’t much that could said to be more irritating than a faulty hot water heater in Brisbane. Having no hot water can bring a household or business to a grinding halt, even in that Brisbane heat, causing all kinds of problems. If this has happened to you, then you need to contact an expert plumber from Female Choice Plumbing now. Every highly trained, licensed plumber Brisbane has everything he needs to repair or replace electric, solar and gas hot water units, no matter what’s wrong with them.

To start with, your attending plumber will try to fix your existing hot water boiler, but if it’s too far gone, and repairing either isn’t possible or isn’t worthwhile, he’ll recommend a replacement. You can buy a new appliance from a retailer and have our plumber install it for you, but we have a large range of hot water units in our own Brisbane stock to make the job quicker and simpler.

Replacing Taps in Brisbane

leaking tapsWe stock a large range of tapware in Brisbane for use with your baths, showers, washing machines, sinks and basins, all of which our expert plumber Brisbane can install for you. If you’ve already bought a new set of taps, though, that’s quite alright – we’ll be happy to arrange a plumber to install it for you.

If your taps are leaking in Brisbane, difficult to turn on and off, or just not working, our friendly, professional Brisbane plumber will be able to diagnose exactly what’s wrong with them, then either repair or replace them depending on what the cause is.

Repairing Gutters and Roofs in Brisbane

Gutters and roofs that are leaking can pose a serious problem, especially in Brisbane with those tropical storms, either allowing water directly into the house or spilling water onto verandas, walls and eventually into the foundations of your Brisbane building. This should not be left for long, and luckily your local expert Master Plumber Brisbane from Female Choice Plumbing can help. We’re able to have our plumber unblock, repair or replace leaking or damaged guttering, and repair that roof before it causes any real damage.

Installing Fridges in Brisbane

More and more fridge manufacturers are making units with water and ice dispensers. Although these luxuries are welcomed in Brisbane, and often specifically sought out, they can create a nightmare for customers to install themselves. Female Choice Plumbing, though, have you covered; we can have an expert plumber install your new water-connected fridge quickly and professionally, giving you the best results possible for your Brisbane kitchen suite.

Installing Dishwashers in Brisbane

Dishwashers are very quickly becoming a must have appliance in modern Brisbane homes, but, like fridges with water and ice dispensers, are very complicated to install. In a case like this, it’s always the better idea to have a professional Plumber Brisbane from Female Choice Plumbing install it for you and be guaranteed it’s done correctly and perfectly. No matter what make or model your dishwasher is, our plumber has the expertise and equipment to get your new appliance working smoothly in Brisbane.