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Adelaide is well known besides the territories to be the only city in Australia to be specifically founded for reasons other than setting up a prisoner colony. The now rather sleepy city of Adelaide especially in the winter months was “first founded” by the Germans of course after having the Kuarna people live in the area for thousands of years. The city of Adelaide is now more or less much the same as all the other cities in Australia albeit one of the less busy ones.

Even the least busy cities anywhere require the occasional plumbing maintenance services including emergency plumbing services. While there are numerous independent and non-independent plumbers around, it is no often easy to find a plumber you can trust. This is really an issue considering that by having a plumber attend at a property, you are having a complete stranger enter in your house and your private life so to speak.

Plumber Adelaide

At Female Choice Plumbing we believe in providing the best service for our customers every day. We also believe that safety is one of the most important aspect of any job whether on the part of the plumber providing the service or for the customer. As such, we ensure that all our plumbers tick all the right boxes including completing a police check and having them up to date at all times. This also includes training in customer service and communication so that customers will always be comfortable when our plumbers are around.

All the plumbers from Female Choice Plumbing are also employees if the company who have been hand-picked based on experience and recommendations from customers particularly from a wide range of women who have had a plumber attend at jobs. After all, who to know best than the customer about what they would like from their serviceman? Having plumbers who are employees also means that our customers are more likely to receive more consistent service every time. Besides that, it also means that we will be able to provide a warranty for our customers on jobs. Even if it is on the rare occasion that one of our plumbers cease services with us, our customers are still covered under our company warranty. On the rare occasion that we do need to be called back to a job here in Adelaide, it is definitely reassuring for the customers to have all our workmanship under full guarantee.

Besides that, we also want to make sure that our customers never go without basic indemnities such as plumbing services and such we work closely together with Certegy to always be able to offer an interest free payment plan to our eligible customer. This means that there is less of an out of pocket expense and that they will be able to afford a more long term solution rather than the cheaper usually less lasting solution whenever possible. All the paperwork necessary is also carried on board the plumbers van and they are quite happy to run through the entire process with the customers once on site saving the hassle of filling out numerous documents as often happens.

Lastly, by making a booking with Female Choice Plumbing our customers are usually assured that their plumbing problem is as good as fixed. Making a booking with Female Choice Plumbing is as easy as calling up on 1300 921 421. On the other end of the line our customer service team will walk you through making a booking with one of our available plumbers. The plumbers generally attend within the day if not in the same hour that the booking is made. They also attend in fully equipped vans so that they are attending with the intention of fixing the job up for the customer straight away.