Storage Hot Water Systems

A common topic of debate amongst builders as well as home owners is making the choice of the type of hot water system to be installed. This is even before deciding on a style and a brand for the household. The answer to this question is that there is no simple answer. Much of the choice will really depend on the household size and daily usage. A simple solution to this question, is to have a qualified and impartial plumber crunch the numbers for you to narrow the choices down. A good plumber will always present a few choices to the person having the hot water system installed; not simply making the ultimate decision outright.

Here at Female Choice Plumbing we take pride in being all that and more. We value our customers ultimately because after all they are our source of income. Keeping our customers happy and loyal is also very important as we plan to be a business that will be around for a long time. No matter what the opinion is, it does remain a fact that word of mouth is still the best advertiser or destroyer. Hence, great customer service means leads to a great clientele, leading to a successful business.

One of the decisions to running a successful plumbing company is having a good employees. All out plumbers are both fully qualified and well-experienced in the first instance. Secondly, they are also trained well before being given the license to work under our company banner. These plumbers are trained in emergency and home maintenance plumbing particularly bot for gas and water. They are also encouraged to keep up skills in other areas and to strive for other licenses such as electrical and electronics to complement their plumbing skills.

When making a decision on choosing a hot water system a lot of people look for the latest technology and the sleekest looking model. They tend to turn away from anything made earlier not realising that their circumstance might be different to what is being marketed. An example often seen is younger families who go for instantaneous electrical hot water systems that is not as energy saving as having a storage system, electric or otherwise, due to the lifestyle they have. It is much more economical and environmentally friendly for the hot water system to only heat up once or twice a day to suit the family’s needs.

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