Solar Hot Water Systems

With gas and electricity prices skyrocketing every year, it comes as no surprise that many people are looking at more cost effective alternatives to heat their hot water. Traditional gas and electric storage hot water systems are incredibly expensive to run and are some of the most inefficient appliances in a home. Switching to a solar hot water system can not only save you a significant amount of money in running costs, but will also keep you carbon footprint to a minimum.

Like all solar powered appliances, solar hot water systems use sunlight to operate via collecting panels. This way your running costs are kept at an absolute minimum and your new hot water service practically pays for itself over the years! The most common question that people ask when purchasing a solar hot water system is whether or a solar system can operate effectively on cloudy or overcast days. Just like any solar powered product, a solar hot water system needs sunlight to heat your water and so cloud cover can have an effect on its heating efficiency. Fortunately most solar hot water systems are equipped with either a gas or electric booster system that will automatically activate when your solar panels are not working efficiently. This way even throughout cloudy winter days, you’ll still have a consistent supply of hot water.

There are a number of different brands and models of solar hot water systems currently available and come equipped with various different features to suit all types of households. If you have limited roof space to house a large storage tank and panels, a spilt system solar design is ideal for you. These spilt system designs only require the solar panels to be installed on the roof, whilst the storage tank can be installed on the ground. A split system design also makes any maintenance and repairs to your hot water system far easier because the unit itself is more readily accessible. For those home with limited backyard space, a roof based solar system is the way to go. These systems are designed to have both the solar tank and collecting panels installed on the roof for space saving purposes.

If you live in a frost prone area consider purchasing a solar hot water system with added frost protection. During the colder months water can freeze in the roof based pipework and can interfere with your hot water supply. The use of frost protection technology will ensure that your hot water system is not affected by frosty weather, so that you have a consistent supply of hot water all year round.

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