Electric Hot Water Systems

Based on random surveys of customer feedback, we discovered that one of the most daunting tasks for customers is picking out the right hot water system for their household. Luckily, with Female Choice Plumbing, we take the guessing game out by providing expert reliable advice and a great service to all our customers.

Hot water systems can be a tricky thing. Unlike a lot of other appliances nowadays, hot water systems are one that you want to pick out wisely and then never have to think of for at least the next 10 years. At the same time, cost can be an issue. While important to look for a hot water system at an affordable price, cheaper systems can sometimes become crippling in the cost to run them over the years. Customers are almost always better off purchasing a hot water system that will play into their regime in order to save in energy and water bills even if the price of the initial system may be the dearer one on the shortlist.

Another common misconception is that electrical hot water systems must consume more energy than that of a gas hot water system or a solar hot water system. This may be true in some cases but there are many more factors that come into play. For example using an instantaneous electric hot water system can be way more efficient than running a big storage gas hot water system. Similarly, people often forget that when installing a solar powered hot water system, customers are essentially installing two systems at the same time because all solar hot water systems require a booster for those rainy days.

If you are in doubt about what would best suit you and your future in terms of hot water system choices, look no further. Female Choice Plumbing is here to help. All our plumbers are fully qualified, have been police-checked and most importantly are well-experienced in this field. Moreover, the plumbers at Female Choice Plumbing are not only trained with the company before heading out to jobs under the company banner, they are also impartial to brand names. This means that they are knowledgeable of all the brands that are out there and can provide the best advice as opposed to calling out a brand representative who are intent on selling their brand rather than choosing the best option for your family.