Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

Is it time that you replaced your existing storage hot water system? Older style storage hot water systems are notoriously inefficient and are incredibly costly to run when compared with newer hot water units. Continuous flow hot water systems combine the latest in heating technology to deliver an efficient and cost effective water heating system. Unlike storage hot water systems that use energy to store pre-heated hot water, continuous flow hot water systems only heat water as it is required in your home. This way your hot water system is only using gas and electricity when a hot outlet is turned on and is otherwise in a ‘standby’ mode to save you money on running costs.

Another advantage of purchasing a continuous flow hot water system is their tankless design. Continuous flow systems are incredibly compact and can be installed in the tightest of locations, making them the ideal solution for small apartments and offices where space is limited. Typically continuous flow or ‘instantaneous’ hot water systems are available in gas models, but there are increasingly more electric systems being produced every year.

If you’ve currently got a storage hot water system installed at your home you’ve probably have experienced a cold shower or two when the hot water tank supplies are depleted. Fortunately, when you install a continuous flow hot water system in your home, having cold showers will be a thing of the past! Instantaneous hot water systems can provide you with a continuous supply of hot water 24/7 thanks to their continuous flow design.

For added convenience many continuous flow hot water systems can also be fitted with temperate controllers. This way everyone in the home can customise their hot water temperature at just the touch of a button. Within the continuous flow range of hot water services, there are both condensing and non-condensing units available.  Typically condensing hot water systems are considered to be more energy efficient because they utilise waste heat from the flue to heat the incoming cold water supply. This way less energy is lost throughout the heating system to keep your running costs to an absolute minimum. Contrastingly, non- condensing continuous flow systems don’t utilise these waste heat to warm incoming cold water and so are significantly less efficient than their condensing counterparts.

Continuous flow hot water systems are becoming increasingly popular as energy and gas prices rise and are a great replacement option for your existing storage hot water unit. If you’d like to find out more information about continuous flow hot water systems and what type of unit is suitable for your home call Female Choice Plumbing on 1300 921 421.  We can provide you with an accurate price to supply and install your new hot water system and will recommend the perfect system for your home. We always aim to provide a same day installation service where possible and can even offer interest free repayment options through Certegy. Our plumbers can have you approved for a Certegy payment plan in just one quick phone call, so that you can pay off your new unit through manageable monthly instalments.

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