Reliable, Fast & Friendly Hot Water Service

Not having hot water is one of the most frustrating situations to be in. This is particularly true in the middle of winter or even worse if there is a small child in the household. It can even be more frustrating when the hot water in the house is only received intermittently. The next problem is then looking for a plumber who will actually attend to a job especially if it is on the weekend or on a public holiday as these things usually happen.

Hot Water Service

Luckily, here at Female Choice Plumbing we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year. There will no longer be any need to wait around for the local plumber to come back from his holiday to have your hot water return to the house. No matter the time of day or night, whether it is in the middle of Christmas lunch or at dawn on Anzac Day, a plumber at Female Choice Plumbing is always available.

The plumbers are also all fully qualified and licensed before they were even chosen to join our team. They were then given further training before entering the “working field”. Besides that, they are also employees of the company rather than individuals invested in invested with the different hot water systems manufacturers. This really assures our customers that they will be receiving an impartial opinion whenever one of our plumbers attend. Often the bigger manufacturers have individual plumbers on commission so that their products receive more advertising. Having our plumbers as employees of our company means that they are not allowed to receive commission from a separate company and this really benefits our clients.

Some of the more popular brands often provided by Female Choice Plumbing includes but not exclusively Rheem, Dux, Chromagen, Rinnai and many more. They even go out of their way to provide hot water systems that will be more suitable to a household even if it is a more obscure brand. They also make sure that all the right parts are installed and installation is safety check particularly if it is a gas hot water system that has been installed.

The plumbers always have our customers answer a few questions about their household and daily routine that would affect hot water usage before providing advice or any recommendations on installation of a new unit. They then always make sure to have a smorgasbord of options for our customers but narrowing them down to the few that they think would best suit our customer. This ensures that our customers are paired with the right hot water system especially as it is a rather long term commitment. Most hot water systems are expected to last no less than 5 years and often have a lifespan over 10 years.

Here at Female Choice Plumbing we also want to make every job as hassle free as possible for all our customers. We also never want any customer to be left with a second rate option where they can potentially have an appliance that will save them more in the future. As such we have several payment options for any of our customers who would like to have hot water systems installed. Our customers may pay via cash, cheque, credit card or any of the 3 combinations. We also work closely with Certegy to provide interest free payment options for eligible customers. The plumbers also walk our customers through all the paperwork while onsite to ensure that they are able t have everything done as quickly as possible.