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Do you need some work done with your Hot Water Systems? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here at Female Choice Plumbing, we pride ourselves on offering expert hot water service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every single week of the year. Yes, Christmas, Easter and all other public holidays included! Just Call: 1300 921 421 or Book Online, and we’ll have a experts to you within the hour.

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Have you just gone to have a nice, long, relaxing bath, only to be met by nothing but cold water? Then there’s something wrong with your hot water system, and you need it looked at as soon as possible. Contact Female Choice Plumbing, and we’ll be able to sort you out no matter where you are. For any repairs or replacements in Adelaide, the fifth largest Australian city at 1.23 million residents, we’re able to come out to Port Adelaide, Morphett Vale, Glenelg, Burnside, Stirling, Enfield, Elizabeth, Seaford, Woodville, Norwood, Unley, Marion, Mt Barker – anywhere you need us! So if you’re home or business is in the European-inspired city centre or out in the quiet suburbs, we’ve got you covered.

Are you able to fix my Hot Water System Adelaide?

Not only can we Repair Hot Water System, we can also replace them for you. We believe in comprehensive service, which is why we make sure that all our Fully Qualified, Licensed Professionals have undergone the most extensive training and experience possible. We also give them access to the latest and greatest in tools, spare parts and even full Hot Water Heaters, so they really are ready for any eventuality. Contact us right now if you need work done.

Here’s some information on what we can do you:

Repairing Hot Water System

Your hot water system is an extremely complicated appliance, so it’s always a better idea to have a Professional Plumbers Adelaide from Female Choice Plumbing repair it, rather than trying to yourself. Every one of our extensively Trained, Licensed Experts has the skills, knowledge, experience and tools to be able to assess your hot water system to find the exact problem, no matter type or brand it is, then repair or replace as required. Not only that, but we also have a huge range of spare parts in permanent stock in our vans, so you won’t need to pay exorbitant collection fees.

Replacing Hot Water System

Do you need a replacement of hot water system in Adelaide? It doesn’t matter what installation job you need done, contact the Female Choice Plumbing. Whether you want us to pick up a new unit on the way out to you, or you don’t know what you want and we need to collect a replacement after talking it over with you, our Professional Plumbers can help. We can replace and install all types, makes and models of hot water heater, having access to most of them ourselves.

Are you able to work with all types of Hot Water System?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a Gas, Solar, Electric or Heat Pump, or whether it’s a Storage or Continuous Flow Unit, our Professionals will be able to do any work you need done with it. We know that not everybody has the same kind of Water Heater, so we make sure that every one of our experts has the expertise, experience and equipment to be able to work with them all, regardless of whether you need a repair or replacement.

Here are some details of the different types of hot water systems:


Solar Hot Water System Adelaide, Solar Hot Water Heater Adelaide, Solar Hot Water AdelaideSolar Hot Water Systems are generally the most economically and environmentally sound units to run. Using solar panels to convert the sun’s rays into heat energy that’s infused into your water, solar systems cost far, far less to run, even though you will need a gas or electric boost for those cloudy or cold days. If you need work do a solar system, contact us, and we’ll be able to sort you out before you know it.

Heat Pump

Heat Pump Hot Water System Adelaide, Heat Pump Hot Water Heater Adelaide, Heat Pump Hot Water AdelaideAn extremely good alternative to the other forms of hot water heater, the heat pump is extremely efficient and has very little greenhouse gas emissions. By using a small amount of electricity to push refrigerant around the appliance, the heat pump works by extracting heat for the air, much like a fridge, but then uses it to heat the water. For all repairs and replacements of Heat Pump, our professionals can have it done in no time at all.


Electric Hot Water System Adelaide, Electric Hot Water Heater Adelaide, Electric Hot Water AdelaideBy using an electric powered element to heat your water, the Electric Hot Water System is most valuable when you don’t have a gas connection and can’t afford or support a solar powered unit. Although they can be very expensive, depending on your model and the tariff you opt for, electric water heater will give you very reliable hot water. However, as per new regulations, our experts can’t install new electric units, since they’re considered uneconomical and environmentally unsound. If you have a faulty electric heater, we’ll only be able to repair it, but you should seriously consider replacing it with a different type.


Gas Hot Water System Adelaide, Gas Hot Water Heater Adelaide, Gas Hot Water AdelaideIf you have a Natural gas connection, then a Gas Hot Water System will be one of the most economical ways of heating your water. Creating less emission and using less energy than electricity, gas water heater use a gas powered element to heat water, either in a tank or as you use it. If your gas appliance has broken down and you need it repaired or replaced, one of our experts will be able to give the very best results possible.


Mains Pressure Storage Hot Water System Adelaide, Mains Pressure Storage Hot Water Heater Adelaide, Mains Pressure Storage Hot Water AdelaideBy using a tank, the Storage Hot Water System gives you fast, reliable access to hot water. When hot water is taken from the tank, it’s replaced with cold, which is then heated as the element automatically turns on. When it’s hot enough, the element switches off. When you need a storage unit repaired or replaced, you need to contact us. Our specialists have been extensively trained and experienced to work with all makes and models of storage hot water heater.

Continuous Flow

Continuous Flow Hot Water System Adelaide, Continuous Flow Hot Water Heater Adelaide, Continuous Flow Hot Water AdelaideSometimes called Instantaneous, the Continuous Flow Hot Water Unit has no tank, but instead heats water only when the hot tap is turned on. Water is diverted through the heater, which heats the water then and there, then stops once the hot tap is turned off. For all those replacements and repairs to your continuous flow water heater, we are the only people you need to know. We have the training, experience, tools and spare parts to make short work out of any job, no matter what you’ve got.

Are you able to work with all brands of Hot Water System?

Some companies only work with a few brands, but here at Female Choice Plumbing, we think we can do better. We’ve made sure that every one of our professionals has everything they need, including the expertise, equipment, knowhow and spare parts, to do all jobs with your hot water heater, no matter what brand it happens to be. We even have access to the most popular brands, so you know who to contact when you need work done.

Here’s a list of the brands, we can work with: