Plumber Clovelly Park SA 5042

On Thursday the 6th of April a female choice plumbing call centre representative received a call from a new customer to us, after doing a bit of research online and coming across our number and many positive online reviews. This new customer advised that they had a leaking water meter. The call was made at 12:35pm, and after discussing with the customer regarding their availability and availability of our plumbers we organised for one to attend that same day between 1pm and 4pm.

The Female choice plumber DS arrived onsite at 2:45pm to the Renown Avenue address in Clovelly Park. The plumber promptly inspected the work, and found that the water meter and meter arm were encased by huge tree roots and a tree trunk. The plumber located and exposed the copper water pipe leading to the water meter, explaining to the customer during the job that the water line needs to be re diverted from the water meter. The plumber then contacted SA water on behalf of our new customer to take new water meter arm to the customer and also recommended SA water to replace the water meter all together. The job as a whole took less than 45 minutes.

Plumber Underdale SA 5032

Job date: 28th November 2016

A new customer called our office team at 11:30am on the 28th of November as he was experiencing some issues with his toilet leaking and wanted some other plumbing work assessed in his home. The customer advised he was at work but preferred for us to attend that next morning so our team were able to coordinate a suitable arrival timeframe and offer our plumbers attendance between 8am and 11am that next morning.  The plumber arrived onsite at the Underdale home at 8:02am and was able to straight away greet the customer and take a look at what needed to be done. The plumber was able to discuss options with the customer onsite before going ahead with having the toilet cistern serviced fully; replacing the service float valve, cistern cock, flexi, outlet rubbers, ran cone rubbers and more.  The customer was also able to show where he was having some issues with an old mixer tap and decided it would be best for us to replace this for him as well.  Our plumber happily sourced a new mixer from the van and was able to go ahead and do this as well. On completion the customer happily paid using our mobile eftpos facilities and gave the plumber a fantastic review for being helpful.

Plumber Noarlunga Downs SA 5168

Job Date: 28th November 2016

A repeat customer that had used female choice plumbing in Noarlunga Downs in the past had recently brought a new dishwasher and needed a qualified plumber from Female Choice plumbing to attend to install it. She called up our 24/7 call centre at 9.55am on a Monday morning the 28th of November, and one of our friendly customer service operators was more than happy to help. To suit the customer’s daily schedule the operator was easily able to arrange for plumber JV to attend her Edghall Walk address that same day later on between 2-5pm.

The plumber JV arrived ahead of his scheduled timeframe and quickly set out to work. He firstly disconnected and removed the old dishwasher that was there and then proceeded to connect and install the brand new dishwasher that the customer had just purchased. He completed the job quickly and efficiently. The customer was more than satisfied and very impressed with her new modern dishwasher for her kitchen.

Upon completion of the job the customer happily paid for the work by using the mobile Eftpos machine that all of our plumbers carry with them in their well-stocked work vans. He then printed off an itemised invoice of the work and charges done onsite as well.

Plumber Nunawading VIC 3131

Job Date: 3rd April 2017

A customer of Female Choice Plumbing Nunawading called through on the third of April as they needed a plumber. The customer living on Mount Pleasant Road, Nunawading required a plumber as they had a blocked toilet. The customer requested the plumber attend between the hours of 5pm and 8pm.

The plumber arrived onsite and inspected the blocked drain. We ensured to send out a plumber who had all the necessary drain equipment to clear the blockage. In fact the plumber had a whole trailer full of drain equipment. The plumber used the hydro machine. The hydro machine is a high water pressured machine that blasts through blockages. The plumber ran the hydro through the vent pipe. The plumber found the cause of the blockage was from tree roots in the drain.

On completion of the work the customer paid the plumber with Eftpos via the mobile Eftpos machine fitted to the plumbing van. The customer also had the option to pay with cash or cheque.

Plumber Darlington SA 5047

Job Date: 4th April 2017

A customer of Female Choice Plumbing Darlington called on the 29th of March as they had a plumbing issue in their tenanted house. The tenants house was on Brookside Road, Darlington. The tenant advised the landlord that the bathroom toilet was blocked. The landlord also said the tenant said their sink in the same bathroom was slightly blocked also. The customer requested the plumber attend between the hours of 8am and 11am on Tuesday the 4th of April.

The plumber arrived onsite and inspected the issue. He cleared the blocked drain and did a camera inspection of the drain and pipework. The plumber did the camera inspection to determine the cause of the blockage. The plumber found the PVC section was broken and was incorrectly put together. The join that was old clay section had many locations of tree roots entry.

On completion of the work the customer paid the plumber with Eftpos. The customer was able to do that via the mobile Eftpos machine fitted to the plumbing van he arrived in.

Job date: Friday 9th June 2017

Female Choice Plumbing Darlington attended a property located on Brookside Road in the Darlington area on Friday the 9th of June to complete some work that was previously organised with the customer during our attendance to unblock some drains. The plumber that attended found

The customer was advised that the Female Choice plumber would attend their address at 1:30 pm in which the plumber arrived on time equipped with his well stocked van which included the tools and materials he needed to be able to complete the job efficiently.

Once the plumber arrived to the job he began work straight away. Our plumber replaced 7 metres of drain from the existing PVC inspection point under the car port area to just past the existing bathroom gully. All materials required to complete the work were organised prior to the plumbers attendance which meant the job was completed in a very efficient manner. Before leaving site to head to his next job the plumber back filled and cleaned up the area.

The customer had chosen to use our interest free payment option via Certegy to pay for the plumbers attendance and the work completed.

Plumber Campbelltown SA 5074

Job Date: 30th November 2016

Female Choice Plumbing Campbelltown has built a glowing reputation over the years by providing a high level of service to our customers. We do this through a follow up call after the job had been completed to see how the plumber was and his performance. As well as many other means.

A customer of Female Choice Plumbing Campbelltown called through on the 30th of November as they needed a plumber. The customer living on Glenton Street, Campbelltown required a plumber as they had a leaking toilet. The customer requested the plumber attend that same day between the hours of 10am and 1pm.

The plumber arrived onsite and inspected the issue. He determined the toilet cistern would need servicing. The cistern service included the replacement of; the float valve, cistern cock, flexi outlet rubber, 50mm Kingco and pan cone rubber. The plumber found all these parts in his fully stocked plumbing van so he did not have to leave site to source parts.

On completion of the work the customer paid the plumber with Eftpos via the mobile Eftpos machine fitted to the plumbing van. The customer also had the option to pay with cash or via cheque.

Plumber Ballajura WA 6066

Job Date: 29th November 2016

A call came through hot the booking centre of Female Choice Plumbing Ballajura on the 29th of November. The call was from a customer. The customer living on Jabiru Rise, Ballajura, called through as they needed a plumber. The customer required a plumber as they had gas maintenance work needing to be done. The customer advised the booking centre staff member that the gas pipes and gas regulator was stopping and needed to be moved. The parts needed to be moved so the customer’s new oven could be installed. The customer requested the plumber attend the following day between the hours of 8am and 11am.

The plumber arrived onsite and inspected the plumbing issue. He re-run the gas line to meet standards and installed the new gas oven.

On completion of the work the customer paid the plumber with Eftpos. The customer did this via the mobile Eftpos machine fitted to the plumbing van the plumber arrived in. the customer also had the option to pay the plumber via cash or cheque. We are all about convenience for the customer. Even when it comes to payment methods on completion of the work.

Plumber Northbridge WA 6003

Job Date: 3rd November 2016

At 8:40pm on the 3rd of November our Female choice booking centre received a phone call from a customer who has 2 toilet cisterns leaking water into the bowl. The customer requested a timeframe of between 10am – 1pm the following morning. Our plumber CP arrived at the Newcastle Street address in Northbridge on the 4th of November within the timeframe allocated. Using the materials in our fully stocked van, the plumber was able to replace the ball valve and flexi hoses in both cisterns to stop the water from leaking in the bowl. While on site, the plumber noticed that the basin in each of the customer’s basin required new plugs in the waste and again was able to use the materials from the fully stocked van to complete the work on the spot for the customer. Once completed the plumber provided the customer with a printed invoice. The customer chose to pay via cash but credit card and cheque is also accepted.

Plumber Piara Waters WA 6112

Job Date: 1st November 2016

After a plumber from Female Choice Plumbing Piara Waters has completed a job our customer service manager gives the customer a follow up call. This follow up call is to gather some feedback on how the plumber performed onsite. This is also the time for the customer ask any questions they may have about the work that was done or about booking in further work. Often the plumbers will leave he customer with a quote for further work if what they did was only a temporary fix. The customer may have some questions about the work needing to be done before going ahead.

A customer called through on the first of November as they needed a plumber. The customer living on Wycliffe, Piara Waters required a plumber as they have a blocked drain. The customer advised they had a blocked toilet drain in one of their bathrooms. The customer requested the plumber attend between the hours of 8am and 11am that day.

The plumber arrived onsite and inspected the blockage. He suspected there was a paper build up in the high spot of the drain along the side of the house between the bathroom and gully. He cleared the blockage.

The customer service manager gave the customer a call after the work had been completed. The customer said they were happy with the service and said they will continue to use our services in the future.

Plumber Warradale SA 5046

Job Date: Tuesday 15th November 2016

Tuesday the 15th of November 2016 a customer from Warradale, a South Australian suburb, had Female Choice Plumber attend to her property for assistance with some leaks throughout her bathroom. The customer had called our team a couple days before our plumber visited. At the time of the booking call we scheduled with the customer for one our plumbers to visit when it best suited her.

The booking was scheduled between 4pm and 7pm on the Tuesday. Our plumber arrived within this provided time frame at roughly 5:30pm. He attended to the property with all standard parts and materials stocked in his van to ensure the work could be completed as efficiently as possible.

Work began as soon as our plumber arrived. The customer had 2 leaking toilets, a leaking shower head and also some taps. To repair the leaks our plumber was required to replace the shower head and kitchen sink tap. The shower head and basin taps in the main bathroom were fully serviced. The 2 toilets were also fully serviced. This included new body washers, o rings, hydro seal washers, ball valves and outlet valve seating rubbers.

In under 2 hours from the time our plumber arrived the work was successfully completed. The Warradale customer was able to easily pay via mobile eftpos facilities directly to our plumber.