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Blocked Drains Cleaning Service in Perth

Blocked Drains Perth

Are you unable to use the toilet because it seems to be blocked? Are you drains backing up and overflowing from the shower, sinks, or from the drains outside? Have you come home to a flooded house? It sounds like you need a reliable and friendly plumber from Female Choice Plumbing to solve all your household problems in Perth!

Blocked Drain

Are you experiencing issues with your Blocked Drains?

24/7 Same Day Drain Cleaning Service.

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All of our plumbers are experienced in their field and we only employ plumbers that are licenced and qualified in plumbing so our customers can benefit from the best service in their area and rest assured that their property has been safely and professionally serviced. We also send our plumbers in well stocked vans so they can complete 95% of all jobs with the materials they bring on site!

The Benefits of a Female Choice Plumber

  • Fully equipped, clearly marked vans with our company name and logo
  • Intension to complete the job on the same day
  • Professionally dressed plumbers who are always polite and qualified
  • New promotions through our website so our customers are getting the best value for money
  • All our recommendations, advice and thoughts are put together by a diversity of women
  • Warranty and Insurance
  • Customer service and customer satisfaction – all our plumbers have completed our personalised customer service training
  • Value for money
  • Safety; our plumbers undergo renewed and full police checks to ensure the safety of all our customers
  • Same day attendance – anytime, any day
  • A range of different payment options available

Perth is the largest capital city of Western Australia and is host to an abundance of natural beauty combined with the urban lifestyle of its people. It is culturally thriving and is home to many famous Australian artists and musicians who have become recognised on the global stage. Due to its abundance of nature, our plumbers have to be prepared to handle anything that the environment of Perth throws down the drains. That is why Female Choice Plumbing is the favourite choice of many people in the wonderful city. Our plumbers are local too, so you will always be serviced by a familiar face that knows how the service your drains properly.

What Could Cause a Blocked Drain?

  • Sanitary napkins
  • Leaves
  • Soap
  • Oil
  • Dirt
  • Hair
  • Tree roots
  • Cracks or Breakages
  • Debris
  • Grease
  • Excessive toilet paper
  • Food scraps
  • Children’s toys

It is surprising what we find down some drains but our plumbers are fully equipped to handle any situation. In extreme cases, our plumbers can also replace heavily damaged piping and do the excavation work necessary to reveal subsurface piping. They really are the experts of their field.

Some people may try to clear drain blockages themselves which can sometimes lead to more damage and thecost of more money.The best thing is to call a Female Choice Plumber on 1300 921 421. Trust the experts; we have a local plumber close to you available 24/7, including all weekends and public holidays with NO INTEREST EVER* payment plans available on those larger jobs.

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Where does Female Choice Plumbing service in Perth?

  • Joondalup
  • Victoria Park
  • Scarborough
  • Midland
  • Rockingham
  • Fremantle
  • Bayswater
  • Iluka
  • Osborne Park
  • Cottesloe

+++ Many more…

For all of your plumbing needs in Perth, Female Choice Plumbing is the obvious choice. The professionalism of our plumbers is second to none. All of our plumbers are handpicked for their unique skill sets and abilities and can interact with our customers in a positive manner to ensure that our customer always feel comfortable welcoming them into their home.

Our company has been designed for our female client base who want a better service from their local tradesmen that makes them feel safer and confident that any plumbing or gas troubles they are experiencing have been taken care of and completed to the highest standard. But Female Choice Plumbing is not just for females; we encourage anyone who wants a safe and reliable service to call us and have one of our delightful contact centre staff liaise with you.