Fast, Friendly & Licensed Emergency Plumber

Female Choice Plumbing is your Local, Professional Emergency Plumber. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – including Christmas, Easter and all other public holidays – to take care of everything from a Blocked Drains or A Gas Leak to a Hot Water Heater Installation or Dishwasher Repair. Not only do we offer round the clock service, but we’re also able, with our large van fleets and plumber armies, to have a Fully Qualified, Expert Emergency Plumber to your home or business within just an hour of booking.

Emergency Plumber, Emergency Plumbing

The team at Female Choice Plumbing have everything they could ever need to give you the best results possible, no matter what the situation is. Every Female Choice Plumbing Emergency Plumber has access to the latest and greatest in plumber technologies – hydro jet drain cleaning machines, CCTV drain cameras and manometers, to name just a few – as well as a large range of spare parts for any repair or replacement. Every extensively trained, licensed Emergency plumber with Female Choice Plumbing has the experience and equipment to tackle any water or gas plumbing installation, repair, conversion or any other job imaginable.

If you’ve got a problem you need a 24/7 Emergency Plumber for, it doesn’t matter whether it’s an emergency or not, how large or small it is, what time it is, or what day it happens on, Female Choice Plumbing will be able to send a plumber to provide you with prompt, efficient, expert service, taking the stress out of the situation and giving you the best results possible. All you need to do is phone our call centre, or click on over to fill out our simple Online Booking Form.

What kinds of services can your Emergency Plumber offer?

There’s nothing more irritating or stressful than a problem you need to call a plumber for. They can happen anywhere; the plumbing system in your property is extremely complicated, consisting of a network of pipelines carrying water, gas and sewerage, most of it unseen. That’s why Female Choice Plumbing prides itself on having a plumber to cover everything, carrying out any work to any area at any time. Every licensed emergency plumber has extensive training in every aspect of the trade, and will have the right solution for you.

Here are some details of the services out plumber can offer you:

Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains, Drain CleaningToilet overflowing? Sink not draining? Blocked stormwater? Female Choice Plumbing will be able to have a emergency plumber fix those, and even more! Every plumber has the best drain cleaning equipment, such as Electric Drain Cleaning Machines, Hydro Jetter Machines, CCTV Sewer Cameras and Excavation Machinery, to tackle even the toughest, stickiest of blocked drains.

Your blocked drain could be cause by many different things, depending on where it is and what it drains. Most commonly, blocked drains will be due to something like excessive toilet paper, sanitary napkins or baby wipes, soap, hair, grease, oil and sludge, food scraps, dirt and other garden waste, tree root invasion or a cracked or broken pipe. Once you’ve told your attending plumber what the problem seems to be, he’ll be able to assess the situation and decide on the best course of action.

Most often, this will mean our plumber using the hydro jet drain cleaner or the electric eel machine to unblock the drain, but, in extreme cases, may involve excavation and whole or partial replacement of piping. Our plumber vans have a large range of pipes and other parts for pretty much any situation you might need our plumber to take care of. It really doesn’t matter what the drainage problem is you’re facing, Female Choice Plumbing will be able to have an expert plumber clear it up quick smart and get that water flowing properly again.

Gas Fitting

gas-installation-fittingThere’s nothing more potentially dangerous than a gas leak, not to mention the money that can be lost having to pay excessive gas bills. That’s why Female Choice Plumbing makes sure that every plumber is also fully qualified, licensed gas plumber, with the training and knowledge necessary to fix any gas problem you may have.

Gas leaks are the most common gas-related callout people know of, but what if you need a new gas room heater installed, or a gas oven repaired? That’s easy! We can have our emergency plumber do those, too! It doesn’t matter what gas work you need done, your attending plumber will have everything he needs to do it. Installing and commissioning new gas appliances of any make or model, repairing every brand of faulty gas appliance, converting a gas appliance from Natural gas to LPG (or vice versa), repairing, replacing or extending gas pipe work and gas fittings in any material, and any other gas job you could think of can be carried out by a Female Choice Plumbing expert gas plumber.

All our vans are stocked with manometers to test for gas leaks, along with every other tool our emergency plumber might need to use in the course of undertaking your gas job. Further, we carry a large range of spare parts suitable to most gas jobs, so your attending plumber can finish his job quicker with less cost for you.

Malfunctioning Hot Water Heaters

Hot-Water-HeaterAmong the most annoying things to happen in your home is the malfunctioning hot water system. It prevents you from doing basic things like showering, bathing and washing the dishes, and as such should be taken care of as soon as it happens. For all your hot water needs, there’s a Female Choice Plumbing, your Local Professional Emergency Plumber. We have experience with all types, brands and models of hot water unit on the market, and every plumber has the knowledge, skills, tools and parts to repair or replace your appliance in no time at all.

No matter what’s gone wrong with your Gas, Electric or Solar hot water heater, we’ll be able to have a emergency plumber out to your building who can have it back to running like clockwork. Should you want a replacement, or your attending plumber thinks a replacement would be the better option, we can do that for you, too. You’ll be able to choose a unit from our own large range, which your plumber can easily retrieve then come back to install straight away, or you can purchase one from a retailer and organise for use to send a emergency plumber back later to install it for you.

Leaking and Burst Pipes

pipe fittingA leak or a burst in any pipe, whether it’s a smaller indoor pipe or a large stormwater pipe, is extremely serious. It can cost you lots of money in payment of excess water bills, and can be quite debilitating if in a particularly important pipeline, such as a shower or toilet. At Female Choice Plumbing, every emergency plumber has the expertise and equipment to take care of any burst or leaking pipe, no matter where it is or what it’s made of.

If your pipes are galvanised, copper or any of the various PEX brands, your attending emergency plumber will have the right tools and spare parts to replace or repair as necessary. Every fully qualified, licensed emergency plumber at Female Choice Plumbing has undergone extensive training to be able to work with any and all types of piping material, and will also be carrying every specialist tool required for any repair or replacement.

If you find yourself with a burst or leaking pipe, you needn’t go any further. A Female Choice Emergency Plumber has everything needed to get your pipe work back up and running perfectly with a minimum of fuss.

Toilets & Cisterns

Toilet-cisternHaving a problem with your toilet, whether it’s a worn valve, a broken flushing mechanism or some other issue, can be quite unpleasant and debilitating. At Female Choice Plumbing, we can send a emergency plumber to either repair your existing toilet suite or replace it with a new one, depending on what the specific situation is. In both cases, every fully qualified, licensed plumber will have the knowhow, the experience and the tools to work with any make or model of toilet and cistern. Further, our plumber vans are stocked with spare parts for the most common brands, saving you time and money.

We also stock a large range of toilet suites ourselves, so you can look through our website and choose your replacement set, or else discuss your options with your attending plumber before purchase. If, on the other hand, you’ve already purchased a new toilet suite, that’s perfectly fine as well. We’ll be happy to arrange a plumber to come out to your home or business and install it for you quickly and efficiently, no matter what make or model it is.

Leaking/Dripping Taps

leaking tapsWe all know how irritating the drip of a leaking tap can be. A Female Choice Emergency Plumber can repair that easily. Every expert plumber is highly knowledgeable with every make and model of tapware, so, no matter what’s causing your leak, we’ll have a plumber able to sort it out quickly and efficiently, getting your taps as close to good as new as possible.

But that’s not all our plumber can do with your tapware. No, our scope goes much, much further! If you’ve bought yourself a sleek, shiny new set of taps, our plumber can install them for you, making sure you get the best use out of them. We also stock a range of taps ourselves – including ones suitable for basins, sinks, baths and showers, mixers or standard – so it doesn’t matter if you haven’t bought a set yet, our emergency plumber can always bring one with him. It doesn’t matter make or model you want, we can install them.

If, in the first instance, your attending plumber attempts to service your existing tapware but discovers it’s too far gone, he’ll recommend replacing them, which he will of course be happy to do.

Fridge Installation

Many new fridge units have water and ice dispensers. These, of course, need to be attached to your water mains, and it’s essential for a fully qualified, licensed emergency plumber to do this. Female Choice Plumbing has got you covered! We can have an expert plumber install any make or model of fridge, as long as there’s an available water source, expertly setting up and attaching the water and ice functions for smooth, easy use.

Dishwasher Installation

Installing a dishwasher is a complex affair, requiring many fittings and parts to be attached properly and into the correct places. Every Female Choice Emergency Plumber is extensively trained and experienced in the installation process for any all makes and models of dishwasher, and has all the tools necessary to put it wherever you want it to go.

Roofs and Gutters

If water is running into your home or business through your roof, of your gutter is overflowing and causing water damage on your veranda, you need to give Female Choice Plumbing a call. Every fully qualified, highly trained emergency plumber will be able to identify the cause of your leaking roof or gutter, then fix it promptly and expertly.

You might be getting leaks in the roof or your gutters because of holes, rust or other damage, all of which needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Your attending plumber will be able to accurately assess the situation, then carry out the perfect repair or replacement as required. Our plumber can repair sections of roof, and either repair or replace sections of gutter and downpipe, ensuring any rainwater gets drained away from your property, and doesn’t just go straight through it.

Where can I access your Emergency Plumber services?

With plumber armies in most major capital cities across the country, Female Choice Plumbing really is your local expert emergency plumber. Our 24/7, within the hour service applies in all locations, so it makes no difference whether you need a plumber on a Monday morning, a Friday night or Easter Sunday, you’ll be able to have a professional plumber on your doorstep within an hour no matter where you live.

Emergency Plumber Adelaide

Adelaide might be only the fifth largest city in Australia with 1.23 million people, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need an expert plumber who can offer comprehensive, city wide service. Enfield, Port Adelaide, Woodville, Norwood, Elizabeth, Unley, Marion, Mt Barker, Morphett Vale, Seaford, Stirling, Glenelg, Burnside, or any other suburb of Adelaide, we’ve got a emergency plumber who can cover you for any work you need a plumber to do. Just call or book online, and we’ll make sure our plumber is at your home or business promptly and with everything he needs.

Emergency Plumber Melbourne

Footscray, Caulfield, Werribee, Altona, Dandenong, Ringwood, Essendon, Kew, St Kilda, Sunbury, Geelong – these are just a few suburbs a Female Choice Emergency Plumber will service in Melbourne. If you need a plumber for a blocked drain, gas leak or any other problem in Melbourne, arguably the cultural capital of Australia, contact us now. We’ll be able to get an expert plumber to the city centre, with its innumerable laneways, independent art galleries and cafes, and we can also get a plumber to the furthest suburb from there.

Emergency Plumber Perth

Live in Perth? Need an oven or dishwasher installed? Our plumber can do that! Perth being the most isolated city on earth doesn’t mean a thing to our plumber, so he’ll be able to give you the very best service possible wherever you live. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Joondalup, Victoria Park, Scarborough, Midland, Rockingham, Fremantle, Bayswater, Iluka, Osborne Park, Cottesloe, or any other suburb of Perth, we’ll be able to get a plumber there in no time and your problem taken care of.

Emergency Plumber Brisbane

Need a emergency plumber in Brisbane? Then you need a Female Choice Emergency Plumber. We’ll be able to have a professional plumber to your Brisbane home or business within an hour, and will give you the results you deserve. Whether you’re close to the curve of the stunning Brisbane river or as far away from it as possible, we can have our plumber come to Bracken Ridge, Petrie, Browns Plains, Ascot, Albany Creek, Cleveland, Springwood, Carindale, Taringa, Moorooka, The Gap, and many more Brisbane suburbs.

Emergency Plumber Sydney

It doesn’t matter where you live in Sydney, we can still get a professional emergency plumber there as quickly as possible. The other candidate for Australia’s cultural capital, Sydney definitely takes the title of Australia’s most populous city with 4.67 million residents. That’s means a lot of people who need a plumber! Liverpool, Berala, Penrith, Chatswood, Ryde, Sutherland, Marrickville, Lindfield, Thornleigh, Fairfield, Guildford, Parramatta or anywhere else in Sydney, just call and we’ll be able to get an expert Female Choice Emergency Plumber there quick smart to fix any problem you need a plumber for.

Emergency Plumber Canberra

With access to a emergency plumber all day, every day, there’s no need to call anybody else in Canberra, the nation’s capital. Lyneham, Acton, Mitchell, Weetangera, Fadden, Conder, Isabella Plains, Gungahlin, Mawson, Bruce, Melba, Manuka, Deakin, every plumber services all suburbs of Canberra no matter whether you live or work on north side or south side. There’s no rivalry in our plumber ranks, so you don’t need to call this plumber of that plumber depending on where you’re located in Canberra.