Is your Rheem Hot Water System having issues?

rheem hot water system service repairsHaving an issue finding a hot water specialist who have the skills to work on your particular system, Female Choice Plumbing are your plumbing experts! Whether your unit is gas, electric, solar – Female Choice Plumbing are here to help. We’ve seen all types of hot water system problems, including:

  • Leaking or burst systems
  • No hot water being produced
  • Producing low water pressure
  • Pilot light continues to extinguish

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Your Rheem Specialists

Female Choice Plumbing can assist you with your hot water system enquiry today. Here at Female Choice Plumbing understand how irritating and inconvenient it can be to have absolutely no hot water running to your house, so we dispatch our plumbers to sites in completely stocked vehicles containing a large range of quality parts, including Rheem parts to facilitate an on the spot repair for your Rheem hot water system. Should your Rheem hot water unit require a specialist part or a non-stocked item, our plumber will be happy to order it in, or travel to a supplier to obtain it for you.

rheem hot water system service repairsFemale Choice Plumbing work on all different types and brands of hot water systems including your Rheem hot water system, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – whether you’re in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth – we service all of Australia. Female Choice Plumbing call centre operates around the clock, to ensure that you are always able to speak to an operator rather than a robotic system. Female Choice Plumbing has one of the largest plumbing teams in Australia meaning that we are more than likely available to attend your premises within the hour of making the first call to our call centre, minimising your time without hot water.

Female Choice Plumbing only employ the best of the best. Each employed technician is highly trained, qualified and insured to provide you with a peace of mind. Each plumber has a minimum of 5 years of experience many working with Rheem hot water systems, meaning that it is a simple task for our plumbers to diagnose the issue of your hot water system.

It is always in the customer’s best interest to have a Female Choice Plumbing hot water specialist attend to take a closer look at your current unit, to advise what would be the next best step for you. The Female Choice Plumbing service comes with a long list of advantages when organising to have a technician attend to look at your Rheem hot water system. One in particular being that our plumbers are all specialists with all Rheem hot water systems, including the fact that our plumbers attend to sites with necessary parts for almost all types of heaters. To organise for one of our specialists to assist you today, give Female Choice Plumbing a call on 1300 921 421, so we can give you the most safe and cost efficient option for your household.

My heater isn’t producing hot water. What should I do?

The list of reasons as to why you may not be receiving any hot water goes on and on, making it almost impossible to diagnose the issue without a hot water system specialist. It is always best for you to have a specialist attend to your hot water system enquiry to ensure the safety of your home and the residents.  Whether you need replacement parts, or need a whole new unit, Female Choice Plumbing can assist you. Rheem is one of Australia’s largest hot water system companies, meaning that we carry almost all necessary parts to repair your unit is not repairable– otherwise, we can assist you with your unit replacement also!

Rheem Help!

Rheem has been an Australian household name and a big part of Australian history for over 80 years. A reliable company supplying hot water to Australian homes and businesses, Rheem have set the benchmark for what you should expect a hot water system to operate like.

rheem hot water system service repairsFemale Choice Plumbing are Rheem specialists, so when you are needing an assistance with your hot water system – you know who to call. With years of experience repairing existing units as well as installing new systems and having helped countless clients with all their Rheem emergencies, you know that Female Choice Plumbing is a company that you can trust with your hot water system enquiry.

Female Choice Plumbing plumbers come prepared in fully stocked vehicle with a large range of spare parts and tools to help repair all Rheem systems, including; gas, electric and solar – enhancing the possibility of repairing your Rheem system on the first visit, providing your home with hot water in no time at all!

After time, you will often find your hot water system is no longer working like it used to and a repair may not be a possibility anymore, meaning the only solution is a brand new system. Rest assure, Female Choice Plumbing can accurately provide a diagnoses and a quote for a replacement model which would be most suitable for your home. Female Choice Plumbing can locate the replacement model and install it the very same day, to reduce wait times to hours instead of days or in some cases weeks. We understand how unexpected these circumstances can be and how stressful the idea of needing to pay for a whole new unit can be also, which is why we also offer a range of payment options such as a mobile Eftpos machine for credit card payment or interest free terms to approved applicants, in an attempt to ease any financial strain.

Residents of Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth, if you are in desperate need of Rheem help, contact our friendly customer service team 24/7 every day of the year. We offer our specialist services to customers all over Australia during weekdays, weekends and all public holidays. We provide a same day attendance, or in most cases a within the hour for emergency jobs, the next time you need help with your Rheem unit, contact Female Choice Plumbing on 1300 921 421 and join over 100,000 Australians that rely on Female Choice Plumbing for their hot water needs!

Your Friendly DUX Hot Water Service Specialists

Female Choice Plumbing is that all this is a company run by women with choices made by women. This means that not only are you making a choice in supporting the movement, you are also assured that your safety and customer service is always the top priority of our plumbers. Furthermore, Female Choice Plumbing is one that does not discriminate but strives to service people from all walks of life by providing a great service all day every day. We are skilled and experienced with working on a large range hot water system models – including DUX.

Do you have a:

Hot water system?  Well rest assure, whether your system needs parts replaced or whether you are looking at having a plumber replace the entire unit, Female Choice Plumbing can assist you today.

My DUX Unit is leaking from the Top, Should I Replace it?

There could be many reasons as to why your DUX hot water system is in fact leaking. It is expected for some water to be released from the pressure relief valve, however if there is excessive leaking from this valve, or it your unit if leaking from the top or the bottom – it is time to call a professional. When dealing with hot water systems, it can be quite confusing and somewhat dangerous. It is always in the customer’s best interest to have a plumber attend, as they are skilled with working on these specific units.

When you have one of our specialists attend to your property to inspect your system, he will be able to assess all aspects of your hot water system – including the pipework. This will ensure that you are receiving the best possible advice for your household. Our technician will be able to advise you whether or not it is ethical for your hot water system to be repaired or replaced.

My Hot Water System is Producing Intermittent Hot Water?

One of the earliest signs of your hot water system coming close to its expiration is by how well the flow of your hot water is.  In some cases, you’ll find that your hot water system is only producing either just warm water or intermittent hot water. Often you will find that it is a simple replacement for a part which is required, however other times you will find it is necessary to replace the entire unit. Having Female Choice Plumbing attend to inspect your system is your best option, our technicians can give you the best and the right advice and take you through a step by step process for what would be the best direction to now go.

The Pilot Light won’t Stay Ignited?

When a Dux hot water system is malfunctioning where the pilot light won’t stay ignited, it is often people’s first instinct to call a Dux representative to the property. However, there is an added benefit of calling an impartial third party who has the same amount of knowledge as a rep but without the added bias. This is when you call a qualified plumber with years of experience with hot water systems. The plumbers from Female Choice Plumbing in Perth do this sort of work day in and day out, therefore we are able to provide great non-biased advice on hot water system issues.

What is the best way of knowing I need to replace my unit?

There are many issues which could mean that your hot water system is in need of a replacement. One of the most common signals of needing a brand new unit is when your unit is leaking substantially and other things. When dealing with hot water systems, it is always best to have a trained professional assess the situation as dealing with these types of plumbing problems in particular, as it can be quite dangerous; particularly dealing with gas or electrical work. Female Choice Plumbing is able to have a qualified technician to your door step to provide you with a same day solution to your hot water system problems – to book in to have a plumber attend today, simply call 1300 921 421.

Female Choic Plumbing has assisted countless of customers who have been having issues with their hot water system either leaking, producing hot water intermittently or none at all, slow pressure when hot water is being used – we’ve witnessed it all. Our fleet are highly trained and fully certified professionals who work on all types of hot water systems on a daily basis, including DUX. We understand how frustrating it can be to have no hot water, which is why our plumbers attend to customer call outs with vans which are completely stocked with standard DUX parts, to enhance chances of providing a same day solution for our customers.

Female Choice Plumbing can, not only supply parts to repair your hot water system, but also locate the replacement model and install it the very same day. Having a new system installed will not only provide your home with hot water once more, it could significantly decrease your power bills as newer technologies become more energy efficient. We provide our customers with various services to ensure that this stressful time flows as smoothly as possible, also offering a range of payment options such as a mobile Eftpos machine for credit card payment or interest free terms to approved applicants to ease any financial strain.

Female Choice Plumbing covers all of Australia; including Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth.  Contact our friendly customer service team 24/7 every day of the year, whether it is during a weekday, weekend, Public Holiday or even Christmas Day – Female Choice Plumbing has you covered. All repairs and replacements on DUX hot water heaters come with a 12 month warranty on all parts and labour. So you can rely on Female Choice Plumbing to assist you with your hot water system enquiry today, simply call 1300 921 421 today!

Your Rinnai Hot Water Service Specialists

Female Choice Plumbing are the Rinnai hot water heater specialists you need, no matter if your system is gas, electric, or solar – Female Choice Plumbing can assist you today.

Is your hot water system:

  • Leaking or burst?
  • Not producing hot water?
  • Producing low pressure?
  • Not staying ignited?

Well we can help you whether you are in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth or Melbourne!  Simply call us today on 1300 921 421!

How do I know I need a new system?

We often find that customers don’t exactly know when a hot water system is in definite need of replacing. A unit could be overflowing from the pressure relief valve, leaking from the tank itself or even just not staying ignited.  Fortunately for our customer at Female Choice Plumbing our plumbers are all qualified hot water specialists who work on a wide range of hot water systems, including the Rinnai. When dealing with hot water systems, it is best to have a plumber attend to provide you with advice rather than attempt to do it yourself which can ultimately resulting in damaging your home or yourself.  Female Choice Plumbing are trained to assist you with your hot water system needs, so have one of our specialists assist you today and give us a call on 1300 921 421.

Why is my hot water system leaking?

It is normal for your hot water system to discharge some water when being used, this is called the pressure relief valve. This valve drips to avoid pressure from building up in the tank,  however if your hot water system begins to excessively leak from this pipe as well as leak from the actual unit itself, then it is definitely necessary to have a hot water specialist attend to inspect your hot water system. Female Choice Plumbing is skilled with working on all types of hot water systems; including gas, electric and solar powered. Rinnai hot water systems come in all types of units as well as heat pumps, storage and continuous flow, our plumbers are skilled to work on all of these types of heaters and they attend site with parts for all types of units.

If you find yourself in a position where your hot water system is severely leaking and you think the unit may need to be replaced, have a Female Choice Plumbing plumber attend to assist you with your enquiry. Female Choice Plumbing offer a same day service to all customers, to ensure that we minimise the time that you are left with no hot water.

How do I know it’s time for a new unit?

In some scenarios it is almost always possible to tell when you need a new unit, and others you may just think it is going to be a simple repair job. The best way of finding out is having a specialist attend to inspect the system for you.  In most cases if you find your unit severely leaking or is quite aged, it may be time to replace your unit. It’s always in your best interest to have a qualified technician call to provide you with advice and what the best next step would be for you.

No hot water? Female Choice can help!

Female Choice Plumbing have technicians which are experienced with working on a large range of hot water systems, including the Rinnai hot water system. If you wake up one morning to find that you have no hot water running to your house, it is best to have a plumber attend to assist you with your hot water system enquiry. Female Choice plumbers attend to all sites with parts and tools for almost any hot water system enquiry, but fortunately for our customers, Rinnai is one of Australia’s leading hot water system brands, meaning 90% of the time, we will have your needed Rinnai materials on board to assist you!

Rinnai Service

The hot water system in people’s houses is often one of the most neglected appliances in the house. It seems a little strange considering that this would also probably be the most used appliance of the household. Admittedly most hot water systems such as those made by Rinnai are made to be installed and then forgotten and to last a long time; did you know that you could significantly increase the lifespan of your Rinnai hot water system by years if you had a qualified plumber such as one from Female Choice Plumbing service it every now and then.

There is really no excuse considering that here at Female Choice Plumbing, we are so easily reached simply by calling up on 1300 921 421. Our staff in the office are also very approachable and will help you book in a job with one of our plumbers as soon as possible. We are also open 24 hours a day, every day of the year which means that we work around your schedule and will have someone over in a jiffy if our customer was worried about an emergency or had a more pressing job to get done.

All the plumbers at Female Choice Plumbing are fully qualified and have been servicing hot water systems for many years. We are capable of servicing any make and model of hot water system including the full range of Rinnai products. Rinnai is particularly big on their electrically powered hot water systems such as the new electrical instantaneous units. Luckily with the range of licenses and qualifications our plumbers have, you will never be at a loss and jobs are completed on the same day where possible.

Our plumbers all hold full gas and plumbing licenses as well as restricted B electrical license. This means less time wasted and no miscommunication as it will be the same person on the job from start to finish. Furthermore, all the plumbers from Female Choice Plumbing attend jobs in a fully stocked van. Some of our plumbers also carry spare Rinnai hot water systems on board to make supply and installation jobs quicker. With the added advantage of having access to warehouses all over Australia, it also means that there is never much of a wait for anything to do with your Rinnai hot water systems will be resolved in no time. At Female Choice Plumbing, our customers come first and we strive to make every transaction as hassle free as possible.

Rinnai Continuous Flow Systems and Energy Star Ratings

As power prices steadily rise, it can become quite expensive maintaining a comfortable lifestyle without breaking the bank. Many people may not realise but the hot water system is the second highest energy consuming product in the household, second only to space heating and cooling. With most energy powered products these days will come an energy star rating to display just how energy efficient a product is. This has been a great help to wary consumers but what does the Star rating actually mean?

Many will just make the assumption that more stars equals a better product and for the most part they are right. But those star ratings are determined by extensive testing to determine how much energy needs to be consumed before the desired results are produced. The higher the rating out of 10 is, the less energy was used to achieve it.

Technology has now reached a point where the traditional 6 star rating was being surpassed and an additional 4 stars have been added. This is great news for consumers and as you can see below, the very popular Rinnai instantaneous models take advantage of this with their compact and versatile systems.

The Rinnai have proven consistently to boast great efficiency in a compact, versatile system. Their infinity range is extremely popular with the Rinnai Infinity 16 rated at 6.2 stars. Their Rinnai Infinity 20, 26, 26i, smartstart and touch models all share a 6.1 star rating. The larger model of the Rinnai Infinity 32 still has a 5.9 star rating. And for those really hoping to reduce their bills, the Rinnai Infinity Enviro range comes in a 26 and 32 capacity, both with a 7.0 star rating

These rating systems are a great start but when it comes to deciding, the best thing you can do is seek a professional. All of female choice plumbers are highly trained hot water specialists. With extensive knowledge on all makes and models and whether powered by gas, solar or electricity, Female choice will ensure the best system for you and your house is picked and installed professionally the same day.  To see how a new system could save you, contact our friendly customer service centre on 1300 921 421.

Thermann 16 Gas continuous Flow: 16NG50/16LP50

At Female Choice Plumbing, we have a number of loyal customers who regularly use our services for a number of plumbing issues.  On this occasion, we were attending to a repetitive customer site who was having problems with her kitchen mixer tap which seemed to have rusted causing it to loosen and almost snap off.  Our plumber attended with a completely stocked van and was able to supply and install a brand new kitchen mixer tap with a same day service* for our customer.

Whilst on site, our plumber took some updated photos of this hot water system which we had installed previously for our customer.  We had attended a call out on our 1300 921 421 number for a hot water system which was leaking profusely causing a lot of mess.  The customer was a little concerned about the damage it could cause if it was left for too long and was also note receiving any hot water to the site.  This repeating customer uses our services due to our reliability and prompt attendance. We were able to attend for this call out within the hour* of the initial call.

Once our plumber got to site, he assessed the current hot water system and noticed that it was not repairable and that the customer would need to look into purchasing another system.  Thankfully our plumber was more than happy to walk our customer through the entire process and provided her with a variety of hot water system choices which would best suit her premises.  Once discussing what hot water system she would prefer, the plumber wrote up a quote on the spot and once the customer had agreed to accept the quote, our plumber got straight to work.  And fortunately for this customer, the Thermann 16 gas, continuous flow was one of the van stocked hot water systems, meaning our plumber was able to complete the work, providing a same day service* for our customer.  On completion of the work, payment was finalised with the use of our interest free payment plan* which again, the plumber was able to assist with.

At Female Choice Plumbing we strive to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your entire plumbing service by providing reliable, honest and friendly customer service; beginning from the very first point of contact in our call centre, and finishing with our friendly customer service staff who listen to valuable feedback from our customers, to ensure that we are constantly improving out services.

Leaking Aquamax 205 gas hot water heater

Female Choice plumbing received a call today on 1300 921 421 from a new customer, who had been recommended to us through their colleagues. Whom had had several job completed with us and were all happy with how prompt and friendly our technicians were. During the phone call with one of our call centre operators this new customer advised that water seemed to be leaking from where the system connects to the wall, and also said they had a day off the next day and were hoping we could attend. And of course we could! We advised our plumber would attend within a timeframe that suited them to not cut into their day off!

Our technician arrived in uniform for customer’s piece of mind and began to assess the hot water system. At Female Choice Plumbing we have worked on plenty Aquamax hot water systems in the past, whether it is changing over relief valves, thermocouples, unitrols, or even the tank itself. This exact 155 litre model we attended is no longer manufactured however does have a Stainless Steel tank unlike the conventional steel storage tank used by other manufactures. The benefit of a stainless steel tank is unlike a normal steel – this tank will not corrode overtime. Since this tank Aquamax has replaced it with a more advanced but similar model. Aquamax is owned by another big Australian hot water system brand: Rheem, and we have installed and replaced both brands in the past.

Upon inspection of the unit we found that water was leaking from the connections of the pipes to the hot water unit. Our plumber was able to efficiently replace this leaking area and later tested the new connections to ensure everything was working. As you can see from the picture these connections had been leaking for a while until the customer found they had to call a plumber, and even said to the technician onsite they are glad they called Female Choice plumbing on 1300 921 421.

Since this unit Aquamax have replaced it with its new equal – the G340SS Gas Storage hot water system, much like that of the 205 it has a Gas Energy rating of 5 stars, and like the old one has a full 10 year warranty on the cylinder, so our customer still has a good few years left with this system thankfully!

Upon completion we offered our customer with a magnet and business card for future reference, and just like all of our jobs. Our customer service manager called to ensure they were happy with the service!

Rheem Stellar 160 litre hot water system catches fire

We had our long time repeat customer call Female choice plumbing today on 1300 921 421 in quite the panic. Early on a Saturday morning they stepped outside to a burning smell and sourced it was coming from their hot water unit which was also producing a small amount of smoke. Thankfully we had a hot water technician close-by and we were able to get him there straightaway, and not 30 minutes after their phone call to our 24 hours a day, 7 days a week call centre our plumber arrived.

Female Choice Plumbing works on these Rheem Stellar gas hot water systems rather often but what we came across today is not a regular occurrence – but can happen.

This Rheem Stellar gas hot water system had actually caught on fire inside the cylinder of the unit, our plumber straight away turned off the gas supply for the unit to prevent this progressing any further. After some investigating our hot water technician was able to determine the reason for this fire to begin was a drip of water inside the ignition which is what caused the flame to be yellow in colour, gas was escaping the burner chamber thus beginning to burn the inside of the units cylinder. We informed the customer the safest and quickest solution to the problem was to install a new system, which the customer agreed to.

We quoted the customer to supply and install a new Rheem Stellar Gas 360 850360 hot water system, take out the old unit and fully test to ensure nothing like this happens in the future. We set the gas pressures to the manufactures requirements and issued our customer with a gas certificate of compliance. As this was a priority was were able to install this new gas hot water system straight away and the customer had safe, hot water flowing that very day.

This new Rheem Stellar Gas 360 has an 5 star energy efficiency with a huge 200 litres per hour hot water recovery – which means a fast replacement of hot water as it is used. It also features a mains pressure delivery, meaning two or more showers can be used at any given time. This system is only suitable for natural gas and has a full 10 year warranty on the cylinder and superflue, a 5 year warranty of labour on the cylinder and superflue, and a 1 year warranty on all other parts and labour. We find this system suits families of between 3-6 people depending on your hot water needs and has a 160 litre capacity.

So whether you are looking to repair or replace your hot water system. Call Female Choice Plumbing NOW on 1300 921 421

Rinnai 16 Continuous Flow Repaired by Female Choice Plumbing

Today was yet another busy day at Female Choice Plumbing. Our plumbers were racing all over Australia’s capital cities unblocking drains, fixing dripping taps and mending burst pipes. One of our plumbers had just had a moment to catch his breath and was about to tuck into his packed lunch when he received a call from our dispatch team informing him of a broken Rinnai 16 Continuous Flow hot water system just two blocks away. Lunchtime would have to wait!

Upon arrival at the property our plumber was greeted by a young couple in their mid-twenties. They had just purchased the home and had moved in that very day, only to find that there was no hot water in any of the home’s three bathrooms! The couple were resourceful and had checked the power supply to the unit by plugging another appliance in to ensure it was functional, so this had already been ruled out as the cause of the lack of hot water.

They were also sure that there was water flowing, as they had tried other taps within the home with success. There were no error codes displaying on any of the system’s controllers, and the hot water system’s filter and water restrictors in the taps of both the showers and sinks had recently been cleared. Armed with this information, our plumber was able to jump right in to his investigation as he already had a suspicion as to the cause. Upon checking the gas supply to the system, and gas elsewhere in the home, it was rapidly determined that there was no gas! Despite being eager to finish the job so he could get back to his sandwich, our plumber diligently re-established gas to the system and made sure to thoroughly check for any gas leaks. The couple were very thankful as they did not want any more nasty surprises to ruin their first day in their new home together!

Female Choice Plumbing are the hot water experts. When it comes to Rinnai 16 storage systems our expertise is second to none, and our plumbers can assist you with repair and replacement of these units, seven days a week. So what are you waiting for? Contact Female Choice Pluming on 1300 921 421 today!

Dux Proflo 135FNG replaced by Female Choice Plumbing

In the lead up to Halloween this year one of our expert plumbers told the story of one of his spookier hot water repair jobs. It was the afternoon of Halloween last year when one of our call centre operators received a call from an elderly gentleman advising that his Dux Proflo 135FNG was not functioning correctly.

Luckily one of our expert hot water plumbers was in the area and could be onsite to assist within the hour. Upon arrival onsite it was determined that the system as old and the tank was leaking. Our plumber was able to provide a competitive quote that encompassed removal and disposal of the old unit, and then replacement with a newer and more efficient model. The customer quickly accepted. He was particularly excited because it meant that he could take advantage of our interest free terms (available to approved applicants only).

Our plumber needed to move quickly to source the unit before the close of business, and as he drove back from the warehouse he could see children in costume starting to line the streets. As he rounded the corner to the property, he spotted a terrifying clown hiding behind a tree at the end of the road. Shocked, he did a double take and when he looked back, the clown was gone! Shaken, our plumber focussed on what he knew best and installed the new system at breakneck speed.

Whilst he was performing a gas safety check, an elderly woman with long grey hair and gnarled hands approached him and asked how long it would be until he had completed his work. He explained that he was almost done, and a few minutes later whilst packing up his tools and the old man appeared and asked him the exact same thing. Our plumber explained that he had just told his wife that he was almost done, and that hot water should be restored to the property soon.

The customer looked at the plumber, shocked and revealed that his wife had passed away earlier that year. Who was the elderly woman that approached our plumber that evening? Was it the ghost of our customer’s deceased wife? Our plumber would never know…

The Dux Proflo 135L is a storage system that runs off natural gas, as the NG in its name denotes. This system is comprised of a large storage tank and is suitable for households with two or more bathrooms. If you require assistance with your Dux Proflo hot water unit then contact Female Choice Plumbing today on 1300 921 421!

Rheem 135L Gas Storage Model 810135N0

At Female Choice Plumbing, customer service is our main priority. In fact the bulk of our customers are comprised of repeat customers or have been recommended by a previous customer. On Sunday we received such a callout to a customer whose hot water system kept turning off and the pilot light could not be relit.

We had a plumber to our customer’s property on the same day in a marked van and in uniform. They were genuinely surprised when our plumber turned up in the promised time frame with the intention of fixing up the job straightaway. In no time our plumber had a diagnosis ready for our customers and began work after giving them the estimated price for the job which they agreed on.

The hot water unit which we worked on was a Rheem 135litre gas storage unit. It is an excellent unit for smaller households, running on either natural gas or LPG and has up to a 4 star energy rating. From our conversation with the customer, they were quite happy with the hot water unit and wished to keep the same one. The unit was rather old having been manufactured in 1997 but at this stage only needed a few parts replaced and serviced.

Our plumber had the job in no time at all. He then proceeded to carry out a safety check which included a gas leakage check using a monometer. After everything was deemed safe and up to regulatory standards, our plumber ignited the unit for our customers and stayed until he was sure that all taps were receiving hot water.

The customers needless to say were extremely happy with the services rendered. They were also pleased with how easy it was to pay on completion of the job. Our plumbers all carry an EFTPOS machine on board their vans and we are also happy to accept payment via cash or cheque. Furthermore, there is never a surcharge on any payment options.

Before leaving site, our plumber made sure to pack everything up and leave the work area neat and tidy. He also made sure that the customer did not have any other requests which he could have completed saving our customers a further callout fee. Lastly, he also explained our guarantee policy to our customers which covers them for any workmanship or part supplied and installed. Luckily, due to this policy, our customers are assured that when they call Female Choice Plumbing on 1300 921 421 they will not be calling back for the same problem in a long time. Here at Female Choice Plumbing, we do the work once, and we do it right!