Burst Pipes Replacement Service, Repair Leaking Pipes

When a pipe bursts in your home or garden you need help fast. It is for this reason that Female Choice Plumbing are on call twenty four hours a day, seven days week to ensure you are never left high and dry following an issue with your pipework. We endeavour to have a plumber at your door within an hour of your call for help and so can repair your burst pipe before it escalates.

There are many types of pipe that can burst in your home and workplace but rest assured that our plumbers have the know-how to resolve your pipe problem. Whether your piping issue stems from a gas or water pipe, travelling in fully stocked vans means that Female Choice Plumbing can complete 90% of your burst pipe problems from site! So what are you waiting for? If you have a burst pipe, call 1300 921 421 today.

One of the most hazardous types of burst pipe jobs attended on a regular basis by Female Choice Plumbing is the dreaded burst gas pipe. Just last week one of our plumbers was called out in the dead of night to attend the home of one of our loyal customers who had awoken to the smell of rotten eggs.

Luckily our astute customer knew what this meant – he had a gas leak! He jumped on the phone to Female Choice Plumbing and our expert plumber was able to be onsite within an hour of his call for help. Our plumber located the source of the leak using a gas manometer and was able to repair the pipework immediately. All of our plumbers are also fully qualified gas fitters meaning that they can competently assist you with your leaking gas pipes. If you have a burst gas pipe there is no time to waste – contact Female Choice Plumbing on 1300 921 421 today!

Whilst a burst gas pipe is likely the most dangerous type of burst pipe dealt with by us, burst water pipes occur at a higher frequency and can cause a substantial amount of damage to your home or garden. Sometimes the only sign of a burst pipe can be an increased water bill if the leak is located underground, and in such a situation one of our expert plumbers would attempt to locate the leak via a process of elimination. However, sometimes the source of the burst pipe is much more obvious, with water pluming out of an external pipe! Burst pipes inside walls or cupboards may damage paint and woodwork, as well as causing mildew and mould if left unattended. It is for this reason that it is best to tackle burst water pipes head on by contacting Female Choice Plumbing on 1300 921 421. With years of experience in the industry, our plumbers will be able to assist you to rectify your burst pipe.

When a burst pipe arises you need a plumber you can trust. Due to the many years of experience that each and every one of our plumbers have under their belt, you can rest assured that Female Choice Plumbing are the right choice for all of your burst pipe needs. We only employ fully qualified plumbers and as such, you have the peace of mind that your job will be completed competently and correctly by an expert, not a trainee or an apprentice. So what are you waiting for? Call 1300 921 421 today for all of your burst gas and water pipe needs. Our call centre operates around the clock for your convenience.