Blocked Drains Cleaning Service

Is your shower draining slowly? Is your toilet backing up? Can you hear gurgling sounds coming from your drains or do they let off a bad smell? Is there water merging from the outside of your home? Then unfortunately, you probably have a blockage within your sewer drains. However, fortunately, there is a trustworthy plumbing company which can attend to your property to assess and fix this issue for you!

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Blocked Drains

Common things such as tree roots, children’s toys, too much toilet paper, hair and other gunk that grows overtime can cause blocked drains within the bathroom area. It is important to have them cleared as soon as you notice that they become blocked, otherwise is can lead to bigger and more costly damages, which is not something that anybody would like to deal with. Unfortunately, if tree roots are the issue causing the blockage, they will more than likely return and cause another blockage. Therefore it is important to have the drains regularly cleared to prevent them from breaking the pipes and leaving you with no option but to replace them.

There are also many other objects that people tend to put down toilets or sinks that do not belong down there and lead to blocked drains – such as sanitary diapers and wipes, cotton balls or tips and dental floss. Kitchen sinks can become blocked due to food and grease within the pipes, so it is important that to pick the food out of your sink before it cases a blockage.

Here at Female Choice Plumbing, our fully qualified plumbers carry a range of drain machines of all sizes as some blockage jobs tend to be small, and others tend to be large. These drains include: the Rigid, Macro and Hydro Jet. Some machines are preferred rather than others in certain circumstances. We also offer the option of CCTV footage via our camera so the issue of the blocked drain can be properly identified and located, especially if the issue is tree roots.  You are able to keep the footage if you wish.

Not only can your sewer drains become blocked, but so can your storm water pipes. This issue is commonly caused by dirt or leaves, especially after a storm, and again, tree roots. If this issue occurs to you, it is important that you specify that it is the storm water drain which is blocked, as these jobs do require the use of a water machine to clear them properly to save you time and money on having them assessed again if not fixed properly in the first place, which can be quite inconvenient.

Unfortunately, some blocked drains have resulted in the drain pipes needing to be replaced as they have been severely damaged if not attended to soon enough, or cleared properly. If unrepairable, our Female Choice Pluming plumbers are able to provide you with quotes to replace these broken sections of your drains.

Some people may try to clear drain blockages themselves, which can sometimes lead to more damage, and costing more money. It is therefore important to have a fully qualified plumber, such as one from Female Choice Plumbing, to do the job for you right away – after all, we specialise in blocked drains!

We understand that blockages can arise a very unwanted and expected times that is why our plumbers are available to assist you with your blocked drain issues 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! Including public holidays and Christmas! We also offer various payment options to our customers such as cash, cheque, credit or Mobile EFTPOS which our plumbers carry in their vans.